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Marty Ballard

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So are jorts am acceptable fashion garment now?
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Marty Ballard

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Hey +Marriott​ why the hell can't you remember that I've signed in already??? I'll happily teach your Android developers how to code this. This is a FUNDAMENTAL expectation in an app.
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I work next door to their HQ. If you like, I can print and hand deliver this post.
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Marty Ballard

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If you find yourself facing a long flight and wanting to watch some YouTube but not pay for Wi-Fi, I highly recommend this app. I've downloaded a ton of videos for offline viewing.
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See edit.
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Marty Ballard

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Snowden is a hero.

Report: NSA found a way to "hijack" Google Play to install spyware on phones
Well, if you had any doubt that the NSA and national security agencies everywhere didn't have the capability to treat themselves to your information, perhaps Edward Snowden's latest leak will change your mind.
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Snowden, Musk; two men that come to my mind when I think of people shaping the world I live in.
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Marty Ballard

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Looks like it's decision time!
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I'm breaking the refresh button in my browser waiting for this to come up.  Maybe they are mad at me for pre-installing the app and trying to sign in?
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Marty Ballard

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New Maps working on the Asus Zenwatch.

+Artem Russakovskii +David Ruddock 
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That's awesome! 
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Marty Ballard

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Samsung officially launches Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 and Green Emerald Galaxy S6 Edge

Sometimes choice is a bad thing.
Samsung has announced that the Blue Topaz and Green Emerald options for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are now officially available. There's a catch here, though -- the Blue Topaz option is exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S6, while the Green Emerald is an S6 Edge-specific color.
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It's an easy choice: Are you Resistance or Enlightened? #ingress
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Marty Ballard

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Stuck at IAH waiting to go to Seattle for a new project. Severely delayed due to a giant storm. #noIOformethisyear
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Wahoo, ramp is open! 
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Marty Ballard

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Chrome draggin ya down?  I know the feeling.  OK, get this Chrome Extension and let it auto-suspend your tabs, freeing your RAM!
A new Google Chrome extension suspends tabs you have open and aren't using, so your browser won't lag.
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Marty Ballard

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Android Wear bargain!
Hurry if you want it, it's still available. 
Interested in Android Wear, but don't want to drop the cash on a $350 Urbane? You can get a G Watch for $50 right now. The original LG G Watch is almost a... by Ryan Whitwam in Android Wear, Deals, G Watch, News
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Out of stock online and everywhere within 50 miles. I'm glad I got mine a couple months ago! :-)
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Marty Ballard

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Best lock screen on a smart phone. Thanks +Cyanogen​ and +Steve Kondik

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I love the equalizer on the lock screen when listening to music. It looks so cool! 
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Marty Ballard

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Also, not very fault tolerant.
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Android obsessed, Glass Explorer.
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