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Martina Olbertová
Global Brand Intelligence | Meaning & Symbols | Cultural Strategy
Global Brand Intelligence | Meaning & Symbols | Cultural Strategy

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A COMPLETE GUIDE TO COMMERCIAL SEMIOTICS: How To Use Semiotics In Marketing To Unlock Hidden Potential Of Your Brand. 
Understanding semiotics has never been easier!

Read the full presentation here:

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What's the Role of 'Meaning' in Navigating the Future of Marketing, Branding and Business Success? Here's my article published in the RWC Semiotic Series with ESOMAR on the defining role of meaning in creating more compelling brand and business value in the future: #Meaning #Strategy #Branding #Marketing #MR #newMR #mrx #business #innovation #sense #data #consumers #human

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New article in RWC Semiotic Series on an exciting and deeply relevant topic Big Data & Semiotics: Big Answers Powered by Meaning written by Steve Verba.

What are the implications of Meaning on Big Data? How to derive most value from Big Data and apply it to businesses? And what do Semiotics & Big Data have in common? How can Semiotics contribute to the analytics used in Big Data?

All questions and no answers?
Read Steve's article here:

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Today, we've published our 20th article in the RWC Semiotic Series with ESOMAR!

This time, it's written by a wonderful power team of Brazilian / British semioticians Mariane Cara and Ashley Mauritzen.

Their article Semiotics of Olympic Logos: The Meaning-Making Process explores cultural strategy behind two famous Olympic logos from London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016.

All in all, a nice and visually stimulating read on design semiotics, cultural context of logo design and local relevance of brands!

Read the full article here:

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This is an Open Letter addressed to marketing professionals worldwide.

Future of Marketing is Based on Meaning: "Meaning is the single one most important asset of a brand in the marketplace and the core of brand equity. It is perhaps the hardest thing to create in business, yet the most significant one for the future value creation and growth."

#meaning #semiotics #culture #marketing #future #strategy #data #research

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RWC Semiotic Series continue!

Here is a new article by Toronto-based semiotician Sarah Jane Johnson on semiotics of the banking brands called Tangible Meanings in Intangible Categories.

In her article, Sarah looks at the diversity of banking propositions across Canadian market and brings interesting insights on the nature of Canadian banking discourse.

You can read her article here:

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After a short delay over past summer months, here's a new article from our ongoing project RWC Semiotic Series with ESOMAR.

Today, Marzena Zurawicka of Semiotic Solutions, Poland gives us a deep dive into semiotics of brand gender.

How to determine a brand's gender? Why does it matter for the brand to have a consistent gender image? And how to overcome possible fragmentation while syncing brand expressions with the brand's inner gender?

Read more in Marzena's elaborate article here:…/

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How Your Brain Understands Visual Language:


 #linguistics #design #semiotics

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Today, I am launching a new website!

Please, feel free to visit at

My core focus will be on Global Brand Strategy projects powered by semiotics, cultural strategy & trend analysis.

However, being based in btw Prague and London, I will be also doing Brand Sense Checks & Brand Localisation for global brands interested in adaptation for Czech market & CEE region.

Lastly, I will do semiotic trainings as the interest in semiotics among marketing professionals has skyrocketed since we've launched the RWC Semiotic Series with ESOMAR a year ago.

Thank you for your support! 

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New article on The New Age of Meaning: Future Predictions Issue, Market Research 2015/2016:

Originally written in a shorter form for RBDR Online ( Key MR Influencers Special Issue.

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