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already using the beta, but... stable version is always better!

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If anyone is trying to find the way to change plank settings on Loki (like me, I wanted to set theme to transparent, and the new tweaks doesn't have that option)... run:

$ plank --preferences

(on terminal)

(thanks to this page)

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Hi guys,
I'm trying to install loki beta, the thing is I've already got freya and windows 10 on a dual boot... so... I'd like to delete freya and replace it with loki while keeping windows 10 (and my data, of course, which is on the sda2 partition, judging by the size of it), should I just delete the last two partitions, or just delete the ext4 one. or can i just choose to install it in there... what do i do? thanks!

Hi guys,
I have a bit of a problem here... it has been happening for a while ago...

When I go to wallpaper settings, I can't select anything other than the default wallpapers (the ones stored on /usr/share/wallpapers), if i try to use something on another folder (on the same linux partition) it shows on the preview, but when i select it it doesn't get applied as background, I get a black screen instead

is this only happening to me? I'm using the daily ppa (don't bash me, I like to test the latest features!)

any ideas of what it might be the cause? like I said, it was not happening before and I did not install anything new

hey, is it just me having trouble with videos (audience) after last update? audio is not working... I think is not a codec issue because SM player is working fine... tried to do a reinstall but with no effect... any ideas?

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jEs una procesión de personas que recorre el microcentro porteño caracterizadas como zombies imaginando una Buenos Aires que amanece atacada por un extraño y poderoso virus. El domingo 28 de octubre 2012 los zombies marcharán por la Ciudad.
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