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Topping TP30 - USB DAC + AMP (It's arrived!!)

Came home from work to find a package waiting for me! :D

From the photos you can see the package contents of the Topping TP30. I immediately whipped out the contents, pulled out my cheapo USB Audio stick from the Pogoplug and plugged this in. In my haste I forgot to power down the Pogoplug but guess what? Linux survived the manhandling and instantly recognised the TP30?!! All I can say, Linux after 20 years, you've definitely come a long way! :D
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you use linux? need some help here, I installed ubuntu along side with windows, but I have no idea how to set up the internet connection. I use DHCP, I open my browser then I'm online, no login and password needed. but it doesn't work on ubuntu :(
Can I borrow your USB audio stick now, to hack up on my NAS, please?
+Jerome A. F - have you seen a program called network manager? It's usually in the top right corner of the screen next to the time, if you've got wireless it will have like an inverted cone with lines through it or if you have a wired lan cable, then a computer icon?
+François Bacconnet - Here are the specs:

T-Amp IC Tripath TA2024
Output Power 2 x 15W @ 4ohm, 2 x 10W @ 8ohm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 98dB
Dynamic Range 98dB
IHF-IM Distortion 0.1% @ 1W, 4ohm
THD Distortion
0.03% @ 9W, 4ohm
0.1% @ 11W 4ohm
0.1% @ 6W 8ohm
10% @ 15W 4ohm
10% @ 10W 8ohm
Power Efficiency 81% @ 15W, 4ohm, 90% @ 10W, 8ohm
Input Sensitivity 200mV
Audio IN RCA (Left/Right) x 1
Power socket (5.5mm/2.1mm) x 1
Speaker OUT (Left) x 1 pair (+ / -)
Speaker OUT (Right) x 1 pair (+ / -)
Power Indicator (Blue LED) x 2
yes, there's a inverted cone (but I'm not using wireless), I right clicked and chose edit connections, there's "auth0" connection under the "wired" tab, but couldn't connect.
When you right click, is the "Enable networking" ticked?
+Jerome A. F - when you right click and select "connection information" does it give any meaningful information?
+François Bacconnet - those speakers that you linked to... they're active speakers, as in, they work of the mains AC power right? That means they don't depend on the source for power, in which case the TP30 will work fine with them. However, the TP30 doesn't have spdif so you'll either somehow use the aux in or plug it in to your computer via USB as a sound card and set it as the output...
+Julian Davies - yeah, give us your address and I'll post them to you?! They're only 3 quid + free p&p, I might pick up a few more myself! :D
Martin, connection information is not clickable. the clickable ones are auto eth0, VPN connection and edit connection. auto eth0 is under "wired" tab in the "edition connection". there's a Device MAC address there, the other fields are empty.
When you are in the "Auto eth0" window, under ipv4 section, does the first drop down set to DHCP or something other e.g. disabled? If it isn't DHCP, can you select it, save and see if it connects?

Also, If you left-click on the inverted wireless icon, it should show network devices you are using to connect... if you are connected via lan cable it should show "Auto eth0" under "Wired Network" otherwise it will show disconnected. Here will also show available and connected to wireless networks. Does it say that you are somehow connected to a wireless connection?
+Martin Wong, those speakers are:
- Active: they have they own amplifier(s) within each of them, so there're no need of the TP30. Audio power specs: LF - 75W, HF - 35W. Of course, each need an AC power supply.
- Digital: they only have SPDIF inputs (no AUX or whatever), but my Mother-Board (as many) has two: optical & coaxial. So, I would just need two (single line: +/-) RCA cables, to carry spdif signal to the first speaker, then transmit the lasting channel (L/R) to the other speaker.

Digital only system!
Your TP30 makes the digital signal from the USB an analogical one on the speakers outputs ...
Btw, thank you for the complete specs, I've always been fond of reading those.
For what I see, it's not very powered and distortion is high on high levels. But, like with any audio device, one can only tell after he actually heard it sound.
yep, the TP30's speciality is the DAC and then its diminutive amp features. It can be used as a pre-amp for your assisted speakers but if you're happy with your existing PC audio then you don't need this.

I got the TP30 primarily because the pogoplug was never intended for audio purposes, so as well as gifting it with audio functionality it also provides a very substantial boost in audio quality at the same time.
+jerome, did the internet ever work? E.g. From the live cd or during install?
yes it's working when I use windows, I installed both OS on C drive.
Sorry, i mean did it ever work when using the ubuntu livecd or during the ubuntu installation process (when it configures the network?)
I have seen a strange issue on ubuntu recently where the DHCP does not work initially... I assigned a manual IP number / subnet mask / gateway and then flipped back to DHCP and all was well. I suspect it is more the DHCP server than ubuntu though, as it already has a lease assigned to the corresponding mac address.
I didn't get any error message during installation, I downloaded the installer running on windows, so not sure it's different from a CD
thanks Julian and Martin, will try it when get back home. will cry for help again if it doesn't work ;p
There's a few threads on the about network problems but they seem to differ slightly e.g no dhcp, hardware, network manager... Might be worth checking them out to see if they seem familiar with yours. I would post links but i can only g+ on mobile atm.
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