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Which panel layout do you use, or use to build on, as your main UI configuration in Ubuntu MATE?

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Commonly, I use redmond-ish. I think we have 30+ installs here.
Cupertino but tweeked to my liking. 
I moved from Unity to Mate, so I started with Mutinity but found the top bar space wasting and ended up removing it and putting the notification icons inside a drawer (gnome 3 like?).
BTW trying to save this layout generate and exception (i guess is drawer's fault).
I use gnome-pie as a quick launcher.
Redmond. I have to use Windows in the office and so muscle memory demands an equivalent set-up at home. This is why I look for a "classical" desktop.
same as i use for my pi. :-)
love the power in the tools available to customize my MATE experience but wish i had more power over window bars (this thing with the little cross and minimize symbol on (don't quite know the technical term)) and with their color particularly. :-D
Custom, I try to make it smaller as it can be and hide it behind Cairo dock on the upper right corner (my window controls are on the left side) 
My custom layout is a modified Ubuntu MATE, with disk mounter applet in the top panel so I can keep my desktop clean. The bottom is a 32 px autohide panel with system monitor applet on the left showing processor and network in place of show desktop. On the left is a 50 px autohide unexpanded panel with Dock Applet for a shortlist of my most commonly used programs. The applet still has some buggy behaviour in this configuration, but I still prefer it to a third party dock so far for it's panel integration. I am interested in testing the new solus menu when it gets rolled into Ubuntu Mate. I wonder if it's nice and simple enough to finally replace my tried and true APS menubar. Heres my layout.
The wife wants it to be most like Windows for convenience as she is a normal, but agrees Linux, open source, and penguins are better.
My netbook(s) have to small of a screen to have both bars. So it gets all the extra bits cut out. 
Andy S
I prefer a vertical panel on the left, with indicators, notifications etc on the bottom half and windows 7 style pinned icons at the top. 
+Martin Wimpress The MATE menu is in 16.04 fast and it has so high usability and it's very beautiful.
Then, default layout + MATE menu = the best choice for me.
I use Cupertino mostly but what I love about Mate Tweak is that if I get bored with the layout i can change it up in a "snap"
^ no pun @ snap
Like +Gabriel Dubatti I use a single vertical panel on the left, except I like the clock towards the top. I use a two-line clock layout so I can fit it without making the panel too wide. The cut off text at the very top is Brisk Menu, which doesn't yet know (or have an option) to show only the icon.
Redmond with advanced menu. Eagerly awaiting the brisk menu!
I use modified Cupertino, my wife uses Ubuntu look (I don't even know how is it called). 
I build on the Ubuntu MATE layout, not because I am lazy, but because that is the most similar to what I got used to on Ubuntu 10.10. I had to replicate the 10.10 setup on every other system I used, so for Ubuntu MATE to just have it was a treat.
I use a top and bottom Mate panel, the top one 64px autohide, mainly as a launcher and for the Menu button. The bottom one has Show Desktop, Windows list, some info and clock to the right. Had this layout for years, on all my systems, also for other people. It makes sense and works with great.
The default panel layout is great for me. But, it can be better with full indicator (with power and date-time and user indicators) by default. 
+Jack Mohegan id like to see the full mutiny indicators enabled in the other form factors too. Cant live without rhythmbox controls and mail/messenging in top panel. 
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