I had an idea after watching +AJ Reissig video tutorial earlier. I've forked MintMenu as MateMenu.

MateMenu removes the Mint specific search options. Any features that are dependant on Ubuntu Software Center and/or Synaptic are only presented in the menus when the required applications are installed and execution via gksu and sudo has been replaced with PolicyKit. File, directory and package names have been changed to prevent conflicts and I've brought in some components from mint-common so that the MateMenu package can stand alone.

Personally I'm not the least bit interested in using the MateMenu but I see that it is regularly requested in the Ubuntu MATE community. So consider MateMenu a gift from me, to you :-)

Anyone interested in testing it I've made packages for Trusty and Utopic, which you can install from the following PPA:

  * https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/

You can get the source from Bitbucket:

  * https://bitbucket.org/ubuntu-mate/mate-menu/
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