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PRSA's Counselors Academy is made up of th best entrepreneurs and thought leaders in public relations/marketing communications. Our annual conference on the business of agency PR is coming up in New Orleans, May 6 to 8. It's my must-attend PR event of the year (and... this year I'm conference chair). We've got some great keynotes and presenters including +Gini Dietrich and +Jay Baer, +Marcus Sheridan, +Elise Mitchell, Julia Hood and more. If you're interested, check out the schedule. Hope to see you there.
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Looks like all the smart people of Inside PR are going to be there! I can't wait to hear all the interviews you guys get from the conference.

And to those going, +Gini Dietrich is by far the smartest woman I know and a must see speaker.
Thanks Kristine. Hopefully, we'll be able to capture a lot!
I'm the only woman on that list that you know! LOL!
HAHA Doesn't mean my statement is false! I stand by my comment :)
LOL! It's like I'm the favorite daughter-in-law (I'm the only one).
I just gave you a +1...that should mean something :)
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