Crowdfunding Share Estimates [Curagami exclusive]
Wondering how big #crowdfunding is getting? Based on published stats from Kickstarter, web metrics such as traffic rank, inbound links, pages in Google and predictive modeling our exclusive +Curagami Estimates for crowdfunding market share:

40% market share
$481,000,000 funded
$24M in fees

36% Market Share
$433,000,000 funded
$22.6M in fees

24% Market Share
$288,000,000 funded
$14.4M in fees

Thanks To our Duke Law Intern Michael Herrera for working hard to unlock the mysteries and value of crowdfunding. Here are the totals:

CrowdFunding Totals
$2.8B Pledged
$1.2B funded
$60M in fees

Numbers like these are why our +Triangle StartUp Factory funded #startup team Curagami thinks crowdfunding is a new #marketingchannel .  What about you?

+Phil Buckley +Mark Traphagen +David Amerland +jan gordon +Janet Kennedy +Frank Pollock +Neil Ferree +Kelly Hungerford +Cendrine Marrouat +Dave Neal +Chris Heivly 
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