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Today has been a long day. Good news is all but one of the cancer centers using to share #cancerresearch for support and donation are working fine.

The single hold out provides a great lesson in #ecommerce backend. Teams I've managed have made more than $30M when I was a Director of Ecommerce, but I never had to learn much about the backend.

Our backend was handled by a solid IT team and it rarely came up. When I built my Store (my garage sale store on MagentoGo) I turned to my friends +WTE Solutions to help with the backend.

Why? Because the backend is a pain the backend (lol).

We've set up to NEVER touch the money. This means each cancer center has their own front end AND a backend credit card processor (such as Elavon). Here's the rub. When your account is in test mode YOU ARE NOT TESTING the round trip. is the "payment gateway" they encrypt the card and send it to a bank or credit card processor such as Elavon or the Sterling Buying Group. Very easy to mistake as all you need (NOPE).

My friend and #ecom mentor +Eric Garrison just told me you can pay for a one time transaction to test both the payment gateway and your CC processor (something I did not know).

I'm sure there are readers in G+ that are thinking DUH, but I've worked in #ecommerce for years and never really understood fully what is happening when someone gives a site I created a credit card.

That card is being encrypted by and sent over to a "credit card processing" company such as Elavon or Sterling Buying Group (about to use them for ). Eric and his amazing wife Cynthia (their company is +WTE Solutions ) is so knowledgeable about payment gateways and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance (what the credit card companies make you do to be considered secure and so authorized).

Know NOW what I didn't fully know or understand last week and that ignorance is what is contributing to our one hold out at because I didn't know enough to say PAYMENT GATEWAY ( + CC Processor (Elavon or Sterling).

Know now and we should have +UNC Lineberger fixed soon.

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