The Long Tail of YOU
Yesterday I began an interesting journey. LinkedIn's endorsements allow a rare window into our two selves - the self we THINK we ARE and a precious view into how others perceive us. I asked a question on Facebook. Did people feel their LinkedIn profile was representative of who they really are.

Jury is split on if LinkdedIn really represents US, or the crowdsourcing +LinkedIn is creating to cleanse and normalize their most important data - all that data about US. LinkedIn stared at an impossible job and found the only way it can be done. Create a game and ask for help. Now millions are endorsing friends and being endorsed in return.

Thanks to those who've taken the time to endorse me. Your input is fascinating and valuable. I just graphed my personal Long Tail of skills thanks to an army of friends and LinkedIn's genius. My long tail teaches me about strengths (SEO, SEM) and weaknesses (storytelling and, strangely Ecommerce).

My LI "Long Tail" sets an interesting benchmark. Undoubtedly if I my skills matrix was being crowdsourced when I was a Director of Ecom we would hope for higher ratings in that area (lol). Time is part of LinkedIn's crowdsourcing and the long tail of our lives. Where once my life was focused on ecommerce now I live between content and social, SEO and SEM and the long tail of my crowdsourced LI skills matrix shows.

What about you? Does your LI crowdsourced profile match who you see yourself as? If not why do you think there is dissonance between your view of YOU and their view of YOU? Think we all owe the +LinkedIn team a THANK YOU and WELL DONE for creating such an easy to play game that teaches so much. LI, you ROCK!
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