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*TweetChat: G+ Ghost Town or Opportunity 2PM EST #BizHeroes *
Is it incongruous for someone with Escape From Google on their header to be Tweetchatting with +Kelly Hungerford about why +Google+ is a MASSIVE opportunity? It's not if you remember the Duality of Man riff from Full Metal Jacket:

Kelly's post about coming in for the big win:

Posts of Mine Will Be Using

G+ as Magical Thinking

Especially +Mark Traphagen's brilliant idea to BRING your tribe to +Google+.  

Escape from Google on +jan gordon's Curatti

Create MOVEMENTS Not Yet Another Never Ending SALE

Blue Ocean Strategy book by Kim

Book on Amazon
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Will try to get on that chat, although it buts up against the end of our #DMEShow  
And you're exactly the right person to answer the question, Marty. I'm looking forward to the chat. It a real mixed bag when it comes to people believing, or not. I see that hard work does pay off but I do wonder -- is it the notion of more effort than on other channels that puts people off... or is it something else ? It's definitely not a post and run type of network.  

It's going to be a great chat +Martin W. Smith.  I know that +Cendrine Marrouat and I can't wait! Bring friends because you know what "they" say -- the more, the merrier!
+Kelly Hungerford Agreed. +Google+ is NOT a set it and forget it tool suite. That may be the biggest reason adoption has been slow. Frankly, why adoption is slow is MOOT for me. I'm an Internet marketer, so my job is to find "blue oceans" or places where competitive advantage either exists or can be created.

G+ qualifies on both counts. I've completed more than 15 detailed analysis of social in as many different business verticals and G+ keeps coming up as the bluest of blue oceans.

The other day Facebook & Twitter had HUGE numbers, in the business segment I was studying, G+ had an average following of 15. Clearly G+ wasn't top of mind with the competitors of our client. I hope it stays that way because, used in innovative ways, G+ is an RPG capable of crying havoc and letting slip the dogs of war in a hug a bunny good way of course :). Looking forward to our TweetChat today at 2:00. Marty
Marty, feel free to stats or research during or after. We pull together a round -up post afterwards and that's a great place to highlight research, case studies and plain old practical tips. 

You mention something that people, marketers, overlook at times: it isn't about being present on a platform -- it's about being present on the right platform. If you haven't done your homework and your audience isn't here, is worth investing the time? Probably not. You could gain a lot more, faster, somewhere else. 
+Kelly Hungerford The RUB in this business is "matching the hatch" of audience, content and PLACE. If my content is GREAT, meaning highly TUNED to an audience that matters to me (or clients or brands I or we represent) and for which I have AUTHORITY to speak, then PLACE becomes LESS important.

I've published well over a million words online now across 4 blogs, my account, +Google+ and former employers blogs and websites. What all of that publishing taught me is BLUE OCEANS are initially HARDER as they take more strategic thinking but #ROI ranges from 10x to 100x to $1. and THAT is what I get paid to do. Day I deliver $1.5 to $1 return I'm fired (lol).

COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) still matters ( #cope ). 

I would NEVER say ONLY G+, but if you know what you are doing I don't see a better way to create some real TROUBLE for scaled competitors for NOTHING (cost of creating disruptive content on G+ is CHEAP).

I realize the "if you know wheat you are doing" is a huge caveat and one that is scarring most away from G+. GOOD (lol) hope they keep running in the other direction. The QUALITY of the people on G+ is HUGE.

Maybe even more important is the QUALITY of the feedback via G+ "Conversations". Our startup is creating a conversational tool so that gives you some idea how important we think conversation is becoming. G+ excels at conversations just like the one we are having now.

Oh, and one more thing. Please tell me where I can generate 1.36M pageviews with a following just above 3,000. Can't be done ANYWHERE but here and that makes content shared on G+ the CHEAPEST on planet earth. Not CHEAP in the sense that it doesn't matter, but cheap in the sense that it springs legs and walks all over the planet for nothing more than a slight push.

If someone is an IMer and just read that last paragraph and STILL doen't want to use this tool that is almost as much of a magic wand as hope they will be sure to send a postcard from wherever they end up :). M
I hear you and I am with you 100% on that with the quality of conversation as the paralleled differentiator in my eyes.

I moved to G+ specifically for the community and conversational aspects. I'm inspired by people who have truly built themselves a home here. +Judy Gombita is another role model for me when it comes to engaging and doing it right on G+. 

She, like you, is a long-form enthusiast and I believe G+ was truly designed with folks like you in mind. 
+Judy Gombita happy you can make it. Both you and +Martin W. Smith do a stellar job at making G+ shine its brightest with your longform posts and 'mindful' engagement, not to mention mindful curation... :) 
NO WAY!!!! This G+ world is just too darn small....
Google+ Far Superior Wins The Social Internet Evolution Award

The recent decision by Google+ to show View Counts has shown some amazing numbers. Individual profiles showing numbers in the hundreds of thousands, millions, hundreds of million and the biggest I have seen; over 14 billion views. 
What is more important?
1. How many people I have chosen can I view what they share and can they decide to view what I share?
2. How many people have signed up or the number of active users?
I pick number one! 

Google delivers again.

+Gerry Grant 
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