Social Media Is My JOB
I shared a confession in this Scoop. I admitted feeling guilty about how much time I spend on social media. Then one day it dawned on me Social Media IS my job. 

I'm a Marketing Director and instead of feeling guilty about the time I was spending listen, curating and creating content on social media I realized Social Media MARKETING is my job. 

This Evolv study is fascinating. It says your most social employees may be your best employees. I am not drawing a straight line to myself, but combine this study with the presence and space social media creates for a brand and #smm  may be the most important thing any company's employees do. 

This Evolv study puts a new light on those companies that set their firewalls to prevent their employees from being on Twitter or Facebook. My advice to them is read the study and then stop being such an idiot. 

Social media increasingly is all of our jobs AND those who do it well may just be your best employees so reward them, give them a cookie (or something) and don't make them feel guilty about building your brand and caring enough to engage. 

What about you? Have you been feeling guilty about your SMM addiction? Do you think Social Media makes you better? How?
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