Ultimate Guide To Measuring Most Disruptive Social Net
I'm a big fan of +Jeff Sauer's work. Jeff's work is creative, intelligent and comprehensive. I agree with Jeff's love of #googleplus   too.

I've been an #internetmarketer  for a long time creating my first B2C and B2B #ecommerce  website in 1999 and managing a multi-million dollar site as Director of Ecommerce. I managed teams that made over $30M online with an AOV (Average Order Value) never higher than $62 so hundreds of thousands of transactions to get to $30M.

Many ask the secret to that level of success. I'm famous for providing answers on both sides of the coin, but there is a reason. You make money online by doing what people and Google (via metrics) tell you to do AND by knowing when to disrupt rule #1. 

GooglePlus is the way to disrupt rule #1. GooglePlus is disruptive because its power is more with the user than any other social network as Jeff's Ultimate Guide To Measuring Google Plus proves. Facebook wants to make Facebook richer. 

Facebook is not alone. The gold rush in User Generated Content #UGC  includes Twitter, StumbleUpon and other "social nets". Using one of these scaled social nets can be valuable, but so can beating the house in Vegas. 

The same rule applies too. If you beat the house in Vegas you are very good. If you figure how to get as much value and #googlejuice  out of those social nets you are MIT good, you are a great Internet marketer. 

You don't have to be half that good to create positive #ROI  and value from Google Plus. I realize there was a, "GooglePlus sucks," group out there that was LOUD and seemingly all knowing. Frankly such an ignorant group is what I look for. 

Remember the rule is to do what Google and your customers tell you to do UNTIL you know how to creatively disrupt your business vertical. Ten years ago presence was disruptive. 

If you were online you stood a great chance of generating ROI. Today everyone is online, putting their social buttons on ads and in store windows. Everyone wants the most valuable and increasingly hardest to mind gold - ATTENTION. 

Attention, the kind you are granting me now by reading these words, is something we can't make more of. Attention has a value of X and every new message, messenger, shout and boast removes gold from the stream. 

Think of GooglePlus as the best set of mining tools available today and Jeff's guide as the HOW TO MINE instruction manual your soon to be disruptive Internet marketing needs. Jeff is about to be a HUGE presence. Follow him, learn from him, recommend his work to your friends and you will be able to say you knew him when :). 

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