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We've Arrived At the G+ Moment
Amazing to me that there remains so much +Google+ opportunity. I've created about 10 full on #SEO  studies of different verticals. I just finished one for the #crowdfunding  segment and its SCREAMS G+. 

I grant you there is a learning curve. G+ and its amazing tool set is NOT falling off a log easy. G+ is also coming along after a long train's been running for a long time. Not that #socialmediamarketing  is so clearly embedded why aren't more companies picking up the RPG that is G+. 

Can learning curve really account for why, in the analysis I just finished, G+ is way behind other what I feel are VASTLY inferior tools (Facebook for one)? That GPlus remains so underutilized in a vertical that should know better is astonishing. 

But then I wouldn't rate the crowdfunders I studied high on the #SMM  scale. They are snobs (don't follow anyone) and despite having some of the coolest User Generated Content ( #UGC  ) on the web they don't understand  #contentmarketing  (even a little bit). 

Why do I know they don't understand #SMM  and content marketing?

* Low follow back rates (come on guys SOCIAL media is a two way street and your snobbery will HURT you eventually). 
* Poor to NO content even as their space is calling out for some great GUIDES and HOW TO content. 
* No "brand the entrepreneur" - most of these sites continue to see themselves as the stars...yeah good luck with that. 
* Kickstarter just lost a PR point moving from 8 to 7 telling me the experience side of their equation is in need of WORK (one of the things we are trying to fix with +CrowdFunde ). 
* VAST pagespread across the board with poor LEI (Link Efficiency Index) says they aren't getting the new SEO. 
* Poor visual marketing with little #Instagram   #Pinterest  or even #YouTube  (for themselves). 
* When Neil Young's Pono came out Kickstarter is getting kicked in the dirt by content marketers who know what they are doing (can't find the Neil Young player uniess the search is narrow because news aggregators / communities come up on the #PR  side of the search). 

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that #crowdfunding  will change more than we can imagine including banking, shopping and marketing. We continue to see crowdfunding as a new channel even as wrapping our minds around what that statement actually means has worn us out  for the past 6 days. 

Bottom line is SIMPLE - if you want to disrupt your space USE GooglePlus (period, full stop). 
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