Toward A New Ecommerce
There are a few things on my #bucketlist I'm trying to get done SOONER rather than later now including:

* Tech Cures Cancer fund at +UNC Lineberger  .
* Write and/or edit a book about the new #ecommerce   .
* Work with +Phil Buckley  & Chris Lawrence to articulate hard lessons learned in new #ecom   & create +Magento & +WordPress  templates.

Spent the day working on the first template. Key is to work backwards from the questions every customer has for any website such as:

* Is this site SHOPPING or INFORMATION (getting harder and harder to know this right off so want to make SHOPPING obvious).
* Where's my easy to get free shipping?
* Quickly find expected merchandising such as NEW, SALE and BEST SELLERS.
* Are they (the website) open to MY (customer) input (one reason why the sneakers vs. high heels image asks for a story share).

Creating some new ideas too such as:

* Social Shopping - We are going to use +Curagami  to help merchandise "social shopping" out of #socialmediamarketing feeds.
* Deal of the Day - DODs are becoming more prominent and we see ANYTHING that helps you get up close and personal to "near real time" as a good thing. Nothing like a daily deadline to get people stoked as +Woot  proves.
* Magazin-ization - We are going to work in +Haiku Deck's  gallery ideas (featured & popula), and curation from social nets.  

Will share where the template started tomorrow. I'm using some of the tricks I learned from +Vogue . Wrote a Haiku Deck about the 8  #visualmarketing tips I learned:

Here is what I'm using from that deck here:

* here (cute girl wearing sneakers image on the right creates an implied juxtaposition and surprise).
* Magazine-ization of Ecommerce - this is why we are working so hard to create Curagami. Conversations are so important to conversion on the ecommerce sites need to find tools to help "build conversations" in. Conversations need to be curated, featured and "magazined" or customers providing valuable User Generated Content ( #ugc ) don't feel like it matters and that kills before it ever starts. 
* Picking a fight with high heels on purpose. Asking for a story with a VS promotes controversy / conversations as our friends at +MoondashAudiodotcom proved last week with their vs. Fostex VS question on Facebook last week. Asking for a story is somewhat neutral. Only "somewhat" because the site is about sneakers so high heels look a tad out of place.

You might wonder why I'm creating so much content for women on a sneaker site. This is an exercise. EVEN if this was a real site and demographics were heavily male I would still riff the high heel content. MOVEMENT Marketing needs an ENEMY.

And you have to pick enemies VERY carefully. Get too snarky and you offend people who love you. Some of this site's customers may LOVE high heels and those stories will produce 100 "why I love my sneakers" posts.We've identified an enemy unlikely to offend CORE fans.

As always feel free to jump in, improve and make suggestions. Idea is to outline 4 - 7 templates in wireframes with some functional specs and create "new ecom" templates merchants can buy. Should be fun and I like crossing things off the bucket list.
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