Today It Rained - Tips On Building Community
One of my favorite lines in any movie is when Robert Redford turns to the expectant Faye Dunaway and says in a perfectly flat monotone, "Today it rained". Redford was saying the obvious because exploring anything else was not going to be helpful.

I'm in a rhythm now that can't last. This is like the art that destroys itself (lol). I spend my days working on and my nights working on Both should launch next week (store on Monday and starter on Wednesday as it looks now).

Why did I do such a crazy thing and attempt launching 2 BIG ideas at once? Philosophy and magical thinking are why. Both philosophy and magical thinking should be anathema to Internet marketing, but let's put that aside for the moment :).

I believe all Internet marketing is connected and highly relative. Internet marketing's connectivity is what makes it so relative and hard to truly measure or know. That piece of content you think is under performing may be a star in a galaxy far, far away (lol).

The moment you pull the under-performing tooth is the instance you realize pulling it wasn't such a good thing. The expression of connectedness tied to this philosophy changes my approach to #contentmarketing . I was a former Director of Ecommerce now I am a Marketing Director for +Atlantic BT a  B2B web and software development company in Raleigh, NC.

Commerce brings great assets such as lots of User Generated Content #UGC   , high traffic and a testing culture. Those benefits are so GREAT and the costs to create a commerce operation now so LOW not having an #ecommerce   engine means you should add one.

It doesn't matter what you do, make or sell adding a commerce engine increases ROI and decreases costs (eventually lol). So philosophy is why we are launching a store at the same time as

Magical Thinking
Somewhere in the last few weeks I've realized I've Black Swanned myself (lol). I've vastly OVER estimated my abilities and UNDER estimated little things like COSTS. Magical thinking, I'm convinced, is the key to creating anything.

If I had my father very precise engineers mind it would drive me crazy (lol). Even my father can create magical thinking. When we went helicopter skiing in Canada my father, a Wall Street guy, was way over his head.

Did he give up or even slow down? Nope he pressed on and had a great if somewhat humbling trip. Engineer logic says we don't make the trip. Magical thinking override says we make the trip and it is awesome even if the ego took a shot or two (though humble didn't seem to work all that well on the street lol).

Like my father then I've overreached now. I'm about to be humbled up pretty good, but that's alright, that's life. I still would rather OVERREACH than not. Getting one's ass handed to one every now and again isn't all bad :).

The savior is going to be our #curecancer   Buzz Team ( Here are #teamformation #tips I shared with +Nikol Murphy today:

* NAME the team (creates a sense of connectedness).
* Create public profiles so teammates can know each other.
* Arm the team (with a clear mission and tools).
* Reward the team (with social THANKS and a little competition).
* Learn from the team (LISTEN very carefully and creation of brand advocate teams is the fastest way to improve branding, marketing (Internet or not) and other important Critical Success Factors).

Why would I be smiling if I had the energy? Because I know a secret.
The kindness of strangers, family and friends is going to rescue me once again. How do I know this? Because the things we are creating are great, cool and fun.

Flawed? Certainly they are flawed and they will get better once the crucible of feedback molds them like glass in a furnace. I'm all in. We are all in and it shows. You can feel the spirit and so feel better after visiting either one of these ideas. How magical is that?

What is the value of a website, albeit a flawed and crawling one at the moment, that you can help mold, transform and matter? What is the value of connection to the long thread, the thing spirit that is greater than we can ever be alone?

Dr. Wayne Dyer calls this idea of our spiritual interconnectedness SOURCE. I don't know what to call it but I FEEL it when its present and boy is it present in both of these projects. Strangers are about to become FOMs (Friends of Martin) and another piece of my IM philosophy will be realized.

I believe in #savetheworldmarketing . After I got sick little things seemed stupid. I only wanted to think about and act on BIG things. No one can live like that for very long because it is expensive and exhausting, but to the extent we DREAM and THINK big our marketing slips its bounds and connects.

As I mentioned philosophy and magical thinking shouldn't be what an Internet marketing does. I blame my left brain dominant artistic mother but then who doesn't :). Honesty I don't BLAME anyone. I'm just glad to be here overreaching with the best of 'em :). M

Oh and what happened today? Today it rained.
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