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Create MOVEMENTS Not Promotional Campaigns
Thanks to our great friends and first +CrowdFunde beta partner +MoondashAudiodotcom for HIRING +Phil Buckley +Frank Pollock and me to help create a cool movement.

Music is so personal and valuable to modern life we can't wait to create a MOVEMENT where we share what music means and the role it plays in our lives. We will ask about GEAR too since Moon Audio founder +Drew Baird is a brilliant engineer and visionary. 

Fascinating to have Drew share how much he loved his first listen of  #chordhugo (
#headphones   #amp  at #CES was a great story of prescience and love at first hear. 

Here are a few of the "How To Create A Movement" ideas we discussed:

*How To Create An Umbrella #marketing   #movement *  
* Write a Manifesto (movements need short doctrines to explain how they tap our human need for something meaningful).  
* Create a branded, fun & distinct look and #design .  .
* Can your movement convert believers of large things like #music  into contributing tribe members. 
* Define an “Acceptance Tipping Point” where the movement is walking on its own.
* Create specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so there is no mystery about when the Acceptance Tipping Point is reached or exceeded. 
Creating movements is more work in the beginning. You need to define all the moving parts...and there may be a lot of STUFF that needs creating and coordination (the seesaw thing, create one piece that needs to be balanced against its related partner idea, content or design element). 

Why Create Movements Instead of One More SALE?
This chart is attached. 

Going to be FUN. If you love music hope you will help us shape Music Is A Movement.  
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