Marty's Startup Journal: 10 Days
I thought it would be interesting to journal the last ten days before launch of the two biggest projects of my life: - crowdfunding #cancerresearch . - shop to cure cancer.

10 Days Out
Starting using the Cure Cancer Starter admin yesterday to set up accounts and broke it (ouch). Good news is the interface is beautiful, easy to understand and intuitive despite my mistake. Struck me that the difference between programmers and marketers is coming down daily, but I'm still a left brainer (creative) in a right brain world (lol).

Worried about so many things it is hard to pick ONE. Worried about not having enough BUZZ TEAM members (great #Internetmarketers like +Mark Traphagen +Phil Buckley and +David Amerland willing to help us spread the word about these two new websites. Here is the form to JOIN: . Help if you can.

WORRIED about MONEY. I'm spending my salary and savings at an alarming rate (lol). I may have vastly over estimated my net worth :). One of the things I learned on Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer, our 3,,300 mile bicycle ride in 2010, something I also paid for out of my savings to have an adventure and raise cancer research dollars, was to NOT worry about the money.

The trip cost $40K (in the end) and made $30K so not a huge victory for cancer research funding (no donations were used to pay for the ride BTW all donations went to Duke and I covered costs from the ride), but oh what an adventure (lol). I discussed the ride with +Lee Anne McClymont on her Courage Cocktail radio show recently (link is on PODCAST on far right at top).

I'm not RICH or anything, but life expectancy for my leukemia is 10 years. I've had it for 8 years so was figuring on getting these two websites built and then riding off into the sunset. Now there may be a genetic modification for my CLL that could all but "cure" me coming out of stage 3 trials in about a year.

A couple of years I had covered, 20 not so much (lol). Worrying about MONEY seems stupid, better to do what I can to help fund the Story of Cancer Foundation (our 501c3 nonprofit) and assume STARVING and living in my car won't happen until it does (lol).

I worry about my WEIGHT too. I lost 60 pounds riding across America. Saw myself on the UNC video yesterday for my oncologist Dr. Hank van Deventer (an amazing video of my chat with Dr. v) and realize I gained all that hard lost weight back (sucks). Problem is CHEMO on return wiped me OUT.

I have to be so CAREFUL about energy that I've doubled down on work and left working out go for way too long. I miss riding a bicycle. When you ride everyday it becomes a job and you get really good at it. If that sounds like a , "DOG ate my homework," excuse you are right. Need to re-read Phil's great No Excuses post ( ).

Coming down mountains at 65MPH is the most fun I've ever had (even more fun than helicopter skiing in Canada and that was amazing). Have to get back on a bicycle, but my last two efforts didn't feel good at all (too much too fast).

Enough with the obsessing (for now). I will try to write something daily to share what it is really like to launch two BIG web projects and risk it all :). Stay tuned and feel free to share your #startup stories too. Marty

* Thanks To Mark Hicks for creating the graphic I modified. I owe Mark some $ for his work but couldn't find a place to pay. Mark if you read this thanks and let me know where I can pay for your work.
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Your honesty and vulnerability are inspiring +Martin W. Smith -- know that you are not alone in your fight. Are you on Twitter? There's a pretty huge community of e-patients on there, talking about ways to get people actively involved in their own health, from chronic conditions like Crohn's disease to cancer fights. I know several of them and can make introductions if you like. They might be very good allies for you. 

Look forward to following along with your journey.
Thanks +Carolyn Capern and yes @CureCancerStart and @CureCancerStore and my personal account is @ScentTrail. Would love introductions and you are a MENSCH to offer. And you used the right word "vulnerable" (lol). I've trusted in the kindness of strangers before and always been rewarded so thought I would up the stakes a bit :). Thanks for your thoughts and help. You ROCK. Marty 
My pleasure :) Just made an introduction of your personal account to one of my friends over there, who is an artist and speaker from DC. She will be a great resource for you-- be sure to ask her about the Walking Gallery! I'll  think of some others to reach out to as well. Happy tweeting!
Wow Thanks +Carolyn Capern you and +Regina Holliday will be great friends and resources. Already helped me create a cool campaign for

How do we cure cancer? One cool jacket at a time.

Will become more clear when we launch on 10.7 and got the idea from Regina's amazing art images of cool jackets on her blog. Thanks. Marty
This is the amazing, I loved the story. Maxwell says, "No one achieves a worth while goal alone." I'm here to help if for anything, I'm software engineer, graphic designer and a lot of things. Just want to say my skills are at your disposal. :)
+Joel Mwakasege Joel you are such a MENSCH. I've had a very TOUGH day (would help to get some sleep) and was feeling pretty DOWN and then read this note and remembered seeing your Buzz Team form. Thank You and I will take you up on your kind and generous offer. Made a bad day MUCH better. TY. Marty
+Carolyn Capern Tough day today, thought about this sentence, "know that you are not alone in your fight." Thanks. Marty
It always helps me +Martin W. Smith :) So glad it helps you too. Sending prayers and good vibes your way for improvement in what remains of your day.
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