Levi Make Your Mark A Magnificent Social Media Marketing Mess
When I studied art at  +Vassar College Alton Pickens, my professor, would never say something sucked. He would say it was a magnificent mess. He seemed to understand the most important idea was to keep his young aspirational artist creating. 

+Levi's® Make Your Mark campaign is a magnificent mess in much the same way. It takes WORK to figure Make Your Mark out and, on a Saturday, you don't mind so much. 

After a bit you realize there is no "figuring it out" and that's okay. You wander, poke, click contribute, read and wonder. Immediately that is 4 things more than most #socialmedia  does so life is good and slowly you give up judgement and expectations. 

Another thing Alton taught was the purpose of the art we created was to do just that - to help give up judgement and expectations. Alton knew something Levis seems to as well. He stressed beginning the journey to the land of less judgement and fewer expectations should start with each of us. 

Alton would have liked Make Your Mark. 
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