Content Marketing For Lawyers, Real Estate Agents & SMBs
Let's put aside the amazingly cool thing the +Indy Week Give Guide is doing for local nonprofits such as raising badly needed MONEY and AWARENESS and focus on why their #contentmarketing  is a #muststeal  for #lawyers   #realestateagents  and #smbs .

Content Marketing For Lawyers
Lawyering is, for most, a hyper-local profession. My lawyer, Syd Alexander, has an office with four lawyers. Syd handles estates, real estate and divorces (he handled mine and very well thanks Syd).

I would estimate Syd's practice at between $3M to $6M a year generating six figures to the partners clear yearly so a good life in Chapel Hill, NC. Syd's practice is almost 100% dependent on his referral network. 

Syd did just add a website ( ) so that should tell any laggard to get on board since Syd was pretty anti-web. Syd didn't have a choice because he can't keep his referral network alive without the Internet and content marketing. 

But what kind of content marketing should Syd do? The site that is there now will mean little, but it will remove the objection of not having one (so it is doing more good than harm). The question Syd should be asking is how can his web presence be kicked into overdrive without spending a fortune? 

Create A "Give Guide" or something similar like the Indy Week Give Guide that featurd our Story of Cancer Foundation on the cover (read that story here: ). 

Syd's office is in contact with an army of businesses all the time. The problem is if he promotes one real estate firm over another he could hurt his referral network. Syd can promote the CAUSES his network supports without damaging anything. So Syd's version of the Give Guide would feature profile pages from his many partners (real estate agents, even other divorce attorneys and estate planners) with links to their websites and stories about causes they support and why. 

Cool part of this idea is Syd gets 2x the social shares, links and LIKES because his partners drive Tweets and social support into his Give Guide ANd featured causes will drive traffic and social shares in. I suggest creating 2 linked pages one for the partner and one for the cause to maximize pagespread (number of pages in Google) and get 2x the social shares. 

Content Marketing For Real Estate Agents
Great connect real estate agents like my friend +Bill Gassett are sharing content and supporting their #contentmarketing  with #socialmediamarketing . Problem is they can't create as much content as they need. Content, they come to find out, is expensive.

So DON'T even try to create all the content you need. ENLIST OTHERS to provide #UGC  or User Generated Content like the Indy GIve Guide. +Indy Week sent out an application, local charities filled it out and they selected 27 charities to be in their inaugural guide. BRILLIANT!

No better or cheaper content than content created FOR YOU. AND the amazing TOPPER is each of those charities is driving social media (like this post) INTO the Give Guide. BRILLIANT!

What does every real estate agent know better than you, me or almost anyone? They know the best restaurants, schools and dry cleaners because that knowledge helps sell houses. 

If Bill's were to add a seasonal Give Guide they would triple their traffic, quadruple their social likes, links and shares and all for less than $5K. BRILLIANT!

Helping Story of Cancer
If any real estate agent or lawyer reading this post is moved and would like to help #curecancer they can find our Indy Give Guide Page here: . Thanks. 


WTE Solutions
What I am about to say is NOT a pitch and I get NOTHING from this recommendation other than a vain attempt to pay back a tab way too long to ever repay, but if I were Bill or some other lawyer or real estate agent who sees the LIGHT of this post and would like to create a Give Guide (or version of it) I would call my friends +Eric Garrison  and his amazing wife Cynthia Garrison in Hillsborough, NC at +WTE Solutions.

They built the Indy Give Guide in less than 8 weeks with their Agile Site platform. I DO NOT make a commission from that share, but I do owe my friends in Hillsborough more than I will be able to repay in this lifetime (they've been consistent supporters of Story of Cancer Foundation). 
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