SEO For Content Marketers
Coming next Tuesday to 5 Quick SEO Tips for #contentmarketers . Reading Tom Ewer's +Tom Ewer's excellent explanation of eliminating duplicate content by using canonical URLs ( here: )  helped me realize content marketers need some quick tips to help stay on the right side of #Google and #seo  

Tips writing into next week's +jan gordon post include:

* Use of canonicals to avoid dupe content especially with WordPress.
* How to safely "copy" or "curate" content into your blog or website.
* Paying attention to Titles & Tags or little things that matter.
* Keywords are your friend.
* How to use SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) as a content marketer.

Realized there are hidden bear traps many new new to content marketing won't know about. Why do I know about so many bear traps? I've fallen in a number of bear traps, and what can be more fun than doing so when millions, your job and career are on the line (lol). .

Those falls necessitated enough #seo waterboarding including a week in Mill Valley, CA with Bruce Clay that I bet my next post can save you time, money and pain :).

If you have other topics you would like me to write in to my next post for Curatti just let me know before Sunday night and will be sure to answer your questions or share your resource ideas.

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