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Thoughts On Internet Marketing & Thanks To Nikol
When my brother Drew was creating the first product line we will sell on CureCancerStore.org he created a list of words critical to curing cancer including:

* Family.
* Friends.
* Story.
* Donate.
* Tech.
* Research.

Great idea by Drew to create our Cure Shirts, caps and socks and my friend Nikol demonstrated why FRIENDS are so important yesterday when she made this amazing video explaining why she joined the #curecancer Buzz Team.

One of the hardest realization for me and my e-commerce team was the need to play a host and support role on our website. To the extent we SOLD things they did poorly. When we created an environment where it was easy for our customers to sell each other we did much better.

Reviews, comments and new threads on our forum and social shares were some of the ways our #brandadvocates would create the critical conversations needed for #ecommerce success.

Yesterday Nikol demonstrated this dynamic. Nikol's amazing, generous and kind video about why she joined our Cure Cancer Buzz Team is GREAT and a new conversation in a new way.

We lucky few Internet marketers become canvas stretchers and frame builders. We set up our studios so visiting artists can paint and share awesome paintings. Every now and again we can paint too, but our jobs are 90% #curation and 10% #creation .

There are 3 ways those new to Internet marketing mistake what it really is:

* The surface is only marginally important.
* Creating a commons is beyond important.
* Host the party don't be the center of it.

In my role as Director Marketing +Atlantic BT I see customers spend entire budgets on how a website looks often forgetting Calls To Action and #emailmarketing . CTAs and email are two of the most important ways any business creates ROI from its web development.

Websites aren't the Sistine Chapel. Websites are sand castles on the beach. Tides come in and you will change your website over and over again. Surface doesn't matter nearly as much as most think.

Creating and investing in shared "commons" creates authority online. When your Internet marketing is less proprietary and more universal you create a commons. When I joined +Atlantic BT they were worried I would spend time increasing my social capital at their expense (this happened with a previous employee).

I explained how we would create a commons. I would put social capital in right up to the limits of the rules and they would contribute their PageRank6 website so we could both benefit, but they would benefit MOSTLY. I used KLOUT as a way to measure progress.

When I started to create the commons where both Atlantic BT and I were investing content, social capital and other resources my KLOUT score was 45 and theirs 18. After two years of investment my KLOUT score did go up to 69 (its high fell since) or a 62% increase.

Atlantic BT moved from 18 to 50, a 292% increase. The idea of the commons is to INVEST in together so that shared benefits are created. Argue about the validity of KLOUT later and realize what these results represent - the idea of a commons is at the very core of Google's algorithm and like it or not Google controls TRAFFIC and traffic = money. Create a commons and you will be amazed at how much more valuable your #contentmarketing becomes.

Hosting Not Partying
It may seem strange to think of creating content as "partying", but realizing OUR voice isn't as important as THEIR voices is a HARD realization. We lucky few Internet marketers tend to be Type A hard charging types who like to both HOST and TALK (lol).

Ironic that the hardest lesson I learned as a young bar soap salesman for P&G (all those years ago LOL) apply once again - LISTENING is more important than TALKING. This rule has never been more important than in our connected THANK YOU economy.

Thank You Nikol
My favorite part of this video is when Nikol shares how we met. I'd just been to an +Internetsummit and believed I saw the future when a speaker's live tweets were reacting to what was happening in the room. This revolution struck me as a #meeting3_0 revelation and I admired the intelligence and foresight of it.

Someone realized there were at least two meetings and presentations going on. The one we THINK is happening is being buttressed by the one our audience is having with each other via hashtags and social media. That someone was +Nikol Murphy and she is right. I described Nikol to Nikol and have been awed by her energy, awesome skills and friendship ever since.
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