Is Your Marketing On A Hero's Journey?
I'm a big Joseph Campbell fan. Campbell was a "mythologist" who wrote an army of books on the subject of the common stories all cultures create. His Hero With A Thousand Faces is an amazing read.

Campbell exposed the #storytelling mechanics all cultures share. The linked piece attempts to apply the hero's journey to business. If our eyes are open we see the hero's journey all around us all the time.

I like to create websites that give visitors a sense of the hero's journey where THEY are the hero. I've learned to use these techniques to do that:

* Prize and curate UGC (User Generated Content).
* Gamify UGC.
* Create personas.
* Help members of your personas to get to know one another.
* Create competition between your personas.
* Create segments (so you know where the ROI lives).
* Rinse and Repeat.

Websites are conversations and conversations are always more revealing than we realize. Find ways to increase engagement by being sure to cherish UGC, grouping your visitors into "tribes" via personas and then challenge those tribes to become heroes.
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