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Why Content Curation Is A CSF - Critical Success Factor - & Why We Are HIRING Great Content Curators
Great content curators like +Mark Traphagen +jan gordon +Jaana Nyström make YOU better. What's that worth?

Here's how great content curators make you better:

* See things differently.
* Can explain how they see things differently.
* Look for different things, seemingly disparate things.
* Can collage with visual language, analogy and images to create "lean content" (content that does more with less work by consumer of it).

Since ALL businesses are web businesses now and the web responds to having its "chaos" edited as my friend Jan Gordon pointed out when she created adding "Content Curator" as a job description is a great idea. Feels to much like, "Where's the ROI"?

How do content curators create ROI?

* Curators lower content creation costs.
* They test ideas and so lower risks to valuable modeled websites.
* Curators are the pillars any online community are built upon.

It is that last bullet that should make any online business sit up and take notice. If your C-level hasn't tripped to the idea that online community is the most important "product" you are creating ask them how they can double traffic and conversions without spending a fortune.

Creating an active community is about the hardest thing to do in the world. People are busy and their life isn't incomplete because they aren't a member of your community. So the bar is HIGH. Communities succeed when members receive that sense of connection and TEAM we seek, crave and desire.

In my 30 year business career I've been lucky enough to have been a member of several "high performance" teams. That experience was so addictive we want it to happen again. Great content curators know how to build community because they are creative content filters, great communicators and even better listeners.

Can ANY business say they don't need those skills? Perhaps even more importantly great content curators hone their skills ONLINE. If you are a great curator we hope you will APPLY and help +CrowdFunde help B2C online merchants and B2B content marketers see how powerful content and community can become, how much ROI is there IF you have the right architects helping to build the most difficult building in the world - the one built from hearts, minds and loyalty.

Curators Application (only takes a minute or two)

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Thanks to friends on GPlus who shared our #curatorsearch and helped create a RECORD BREAKING day on our site :). M
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