10 Ways B2C Content Marketing Is Different Than B2B
You knew the gap between B2C laggards and B2B leaders would narrow on content marketing and curation. The gap had to narrow since B2C websites need traffic too.

#contentmarketing may be different on B2C websites in these ways:

* More User Generated Content.
* More contests and games.
* Less content creation.
* More content #curation .
* More snippets and keywords less paragraphs and white papers.
* More social content less evergreen.
* Visual support important to both, REALLY important B2C.
* Content has to be FLATTER (less linked, less words, more bullets) and more visually support of immediate conversion.
* LESS YOU (website owner) more THEM (community formed around brands or products or your website).
* Money is ultimate judge of success.

As a former Director of #ecommerce I can testify to how hard it is to balance CONTENT and COMMERCE. Some are clearly hitting that balance and since B2C #marketing is nothing if not Darwinian expect more to play the content marketing game, albeit somewhat differently, soon.

You could argue that MONEY is the ultimate judge for both B2B and B2C but B2C is money today B2B is money tomorrow.
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