Funny Marty Story Ending In Admiration, Respect & Kudos for +FedEx
After speaking at the +Digital Marketing for Business conference, a group of great #Raleigh #Durham and #ChapelHill marketing pros,  a place rampant with funny Marty stories already btw, I created a new funny "Marty story".

I spoke today at 10 about how #SMBs can Escape From Google (by using +Google+ :), got in the car and typed 2600 Page Road, Raleigh into my GPS. MISTAKE 1.

Turns out Page Road in Raleigh is halfway to the beach. As I pulled up to the ranch house and NOT seeing any FedEx trucks I realized how lost I was. I called Gary Davis, the head of FedEx's local marketing team, and told him I was LOST.

MISTAKE 2 (should have called Gary first, duh :).

Need to back up some. My conversation with Gary and his team of 4 came about because +Nichole Baird from +MoondashAudiodotcom shared how much FedEx's session helped last year. Gary told me he observed that key FedEx customers came in once a year to discuss and learn how to get better at #ecommerce .

WOW, that is impressive on two counts. First that a BIG and TRUSTED brand such as FedEx would see the need to educate, collaborate and share. Next #kudos to Gary for putting together such a great event that Nichole knew right were her book (from the event) was. Nichole spoke about how helpful she found the event. THAT is some great #contentmarketing !!!

So, I'm now almost to the beach and about to be beyond late to my meeting with Gary and his team. Call Gary, get turned around (and the fact no one died on that turnaround is a miracle) and FLEW back to Durham. During that drive I realized two things about FedEx drivers:

* They have the patience of saints.
* They are world class athletes.

I was in the car for a couple of hours today and there was almost a substantial body count (lol). How FedEx drivers drive, deliver (and always be nice about it, our FedEx person when we owned Found Objects was outstanding UPS driver was excellent too but they haven't asked me to speak lol). If you are a FedEx driver and you are reading this KUDOS & you have my never ending respect.

Finally arrive and RELAX seeing all those big TRUCKS with one of the most magical logo designs ever and expect to be treated poorly. Remember I'm speaking to the logistical experts in the world and I just blew reading a GPS (lol).

Not even a little bit. Gary and his team were kind, patient and great listeners. They asked me how I could help #SMBs make money a FAVORITE question I could talk about for DAYS nonstop (lol). I shared that I was just in a room with about 60 great #SMBs at the +Digital Marketing for Business conference.

Gary's team speaks to prospective and existing customers to help them be successful online. They describe a variety of challenges from established #brands that need #socialmediamarketing to advanced #ecommerce issues of integration and fraud.

The combination of those two experiences (#DMFB14 & FedEx mtg with Gary and his team) and the invitation to speak at the end of July have me thinking +Phil Buckley and the team need to create a SMBs Guide To the Ecommerce Universe that spans the journey from how to find the right agency partners to knowing when and how to DIY.

Now THAT, creating and publishing an SMB Guide to a place where we can easily maintain and sprout a network off of it, sounds like FUN.

Continue to be impressed with FedEx. They GET #smm and LOGISTICS and that is a lot :). Also HUGE TY to +Drew Baird and Nichole for their sponsorship, support today at DMFB and for the great STUFF they make that I listen to DAILY ( #silverdragons ROCK).

Oh, almost forgot, we will be looking for #contributors to help create our Web Marketing For SMBs Guide. We are thinking multi-author WordPress. If you would like to share a post of yours that will help SMB's COOL and we will be glad to include. Look for an outline soon, but feel free to influence our outline too. Mission is to create MORE (traffic, shares, money) with LESS for SMBs and then publish to a place we can actively edit so the content evolves and networks.

So, since the image of me driving around the woods of North Carolina looking for a location almost in my backyard is a tad too close to home, here is a beautiful picture of a FedEx plane (lol). Marty
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