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I think there is FAME and there is job security. I'm not famous, but the skills I've learned do create a sense of "job security" from a basic supply / demand survey.

There is a tremendous demand and a short supply for #Internet marketing skills. Would it be easier to sell those skills with big F fame? Maybe it would be easier on one level to be Chris Brogan or Seth Godin, but FAME can also become solipsistic and self referential.

Would rather KNOW what I know and let big F fame do what it will or won't do. Right now I'm trying to create awareness for a revolutionary idea - the idea that cancer patients, their friends and family can play an important role in how #cancerresearch is funded (

Would that idea be easier to make more mainstream if I was famous? Of course, but, and this is my gut talking, it would be less likely I would even have such an idea. One of the contributory context in creating such an idea is I'm in the trench (as a #cancerpatient ).

This is in NO WAY to belittle +Chris Brogan  or +Seth Godin . I've met them both and they are clearly beyond SMART and so deserve what they've created. I just know the tendency for my head to blow up with hot air is MASSIVE and QUICK (lol). In my case each time that balloon that is my head starts to float off my shoulders an invisible hand reaches down with a pin (lol).

EGO is danger (for me). When I played football in prep school my nickname was Marty TANK Smith (this was at +Choate Rosemary Hall not CJH). I am and have always been a tank (lol) meaning WORK HARD and then WORK HARDER. If we suddenly were at the top of the mountain and could sled down the other side it wouldn't feel like MY life. I wouldn't be me. I wouldn't be TANK Smith (lol).
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+Martin W. Smith I have to give you points for the use of solipsistic! Also, that is a great way of putting it. For some of us the battle uphill is what we fight for and if you didn't have a reason to fight, being at the top wouldn't be much fun. 
Right +Emily Clement I wouldn't know what to do at the top (lol). If life wasn't HARD and full of challenge it wouldn't feel like my life (though I wouldn't mind a 20% reduction in difficulty (lol). M
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