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How Curagami Creates "Tiny Advantage" As Web Marketers Create Sand Castles On the Beach
One #Internetmarketing truth is we build sand castles on the beach and the tide is always coming in. Change is inevitable, organic and sliding toward entropy a mathematical certainty. Death, taxes and the tide is coming in to sweep your Internet marketing out to sea are the new truths.

WINNING in an environment with so much uncertainty is different. You win by creating "tiny advantage". Tiny advantages create scale and scale generates more tiny advantages. If that sounds like "rinse and repeat' to infinity you aren't too far off.

Web marketing is a PROCESS more than a thing. When I explained to my last boss how the most valuable "product" his 80 person #webdesign   company created was a team capable of building beautiful sand castles sure their life would be short he looked at me funny (lol). "A short life," I remember saying, "requires PROCESS geared to create tiny advantage from whatever is there NOW."

Internet marketing is the ultimate Outward Bound. You are stranded in a forest with little other than your wits to figure out how to survive. Just as you think you've mastered something weather comes in and all bets are off again.

When you are Outward Bound you don't attempt to build a palace. Some rabbit and a lean-to to keep rain off your head and your clothes dry is a "tiny advantage". Creating the first "tiny advantage" gives your lost hungry self confidence and you find a river, build a canoe and create another tiny advantage.

You see where this story is heading and if it sounds like an episode of Dual Survival its on purpose. Dual Survival is a better example than Outward Bound since no one climbs the EVEREST that is Internet marketing alone anymore. Your team needs to figure out tasks, assign jobs and create the tiny advantage needed to survive.

Given the web's constant change THRIVING is survival +10%. No one has so much advantage they can afford to drink frosty beverages with umbrellas in them gazing out toward the horizon. Someone from the other side of the island is working harder than that...always.

Every "tiny advantage" becomes absorbed eventually. The web is Darwinian and FAST. When I was a Director of Ecommerce our competitors would knock off our good ideas by lunch the day we launched them. We knew we were in trouble when they took a pass (lol).

+Curagami, our +Triangle StartUp Factory funded #startup , is about the next wave - #contentmarketing #contentcuration #community and #conversion . Power is located in conversations now and Curagami helps connect, engage and create tiny advantage that become scale that become tiny advantage and so on to infinity :).  
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Loved reading your post +Martin W. Smith As I did, I thought of some of bigger "tiny advantages" that I discovered or used which have come and gone.

Which led me to think about some of concepts I've been telling my team I think/know/are effective and that we need to make time to implement them at scale fast so our site and clients can benefit from them... My exact phrase following a Monday morning meating to a few of them was we will blink and any significant competitive advantage they offer will be a thing of the past.

As always you framed your concept in an interesting, entertaining, and point making way! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks +Matthew Stephenson and a blink or two is about all the advantage any team can create. Biggest advantage = becoming the team that kows how to blink :).  Marty
Agree +Martin W. Smith Being caught up and having ones site in order puts you ahead of the game in many respects. It's easy to fall behind let alone miss opportunities as fast as our industry changes when it comes to large ecommerce sites or detailed product driven shopping sites that are built by creating high volumes of unique content given the challenge of updating massive amounts of content quickly.

However when you are caught up and focussing on the truly new opportunities and everything is in place to take maximum advantage of the "tiny advantages" it's exciting as it allows the fruits of those blinks to add you that feeling of riding that tidal wave. For me I believe that has been a result of the true boost that occurs due to the signals from user behavior that naturally happen (increased traffic, page views, goals hit, value from increasing volume of referrals that produce high quality behavior via "the next click" on client sites, etc, etc, etc). 

Those types of "true value" site usage signals cannot be faked and are as telling as anything to Google regarding the value of ones site making it much harder for the competition to simply jump on the band wagon and over take you.

The flip side is you blink and you are behind (even if relevant to your own expectations) and it's a massive effort to get caught up ...and thus the tide continues to roll in and out and we are all just working hard trying to catch a wave :).
+Martin W. Smith Great insights as always, I'm in total agreement with you about teamwork and "tiny advantages"
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