Make Web Designs Welcoming Don't Say Welcome: Before & After
I'm working with the UNC Emergency Room team to make their website more engaging. The before and after shots are below. I'm editing a design the team lead sent that is already worlds better than what is there now :).

See how my "after draft" (on the left) FEELS more welcoming? Welcoming online is a function of:

* Images are looking out at visitors.
* Social buttons and email list are top right instead of bottom left.
* Patients Are Still Missing (going to fix that next).

Website Nonverbals
I'm a big believer in a website's nonverbal communication. The current UNC design (on the right) is talking to itself about itself. The current design makes it hard to find a path, doesn't create clear information hierarchy and its images are all bent in on themselves, too small and they don't heed the "sight line rule".

Wanted my design to BE welcoming not say WELCOME by:

* Having a hero that heeds the sight line rule.
* Creating clear Calls-to-Action (CTAs).
* Using design and style to POINT out what I want visitors to see and do (see phone number post ).
* Moving social to the top.
* Adding curated patient information (coming next).

The sight line rule is visitors eyes go where people in your images look. That is why you never show images where the sight lines are buried (as the current design on the right below does).

Everyone Should Move Social Buttons To TOP
What is the nonverbal statement of having our social buttons at the bottom? Says you care more about your stuff than the conversations you can have with real people visiting your site. The nonverbals of social buttons at the top are so VALUABLE that single action may be one of the most important and easy changes almost every website should make.

Patients Are Next
The next thing to do is curate in some patient profiles and stories. Nothing says WELCOME like having content from the people you serve on par with all the other content on the site. Want to REALLY welcome your customers and visitors? Don't say WELCOME create it.
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