E O Wilson & Ecom's 3 Legged Stool
Yesterday Thomas Kang shared a great interview with uber-biologist E O Wilson. He mentioned not understanding #ecom  . E O helped me understand #ecommerce , the three legged stool of ecommerce. Here is how I explained what E O helped me see:

E O is the right man to understand ecom. E O's ideas about emergence and how Darwin's ideas extend form two of ecom's three legs.

Three legged stool of ecom:

* Fast feedback loops speed up survival of fittest ideas, content, product (any and all) = Darwin.
* Emergence is a collective consciousness that blows in off the plains like weather so can only be PREDICTED never fully known. 
* Meme creation fuels legs one and two and is the "honey" produced by social. 

I mashed up Dawkins (memes) in there, but E O is the man for two of Ecom's three legs. The tricky part is understanding how each leg creates equal and opposite reactions with the other two since to understand that concept, even a little, is worth millions upon millions :).  

PS. There is an implied REAL TIME aspect to this three legged ecom stool and that is on purpose. The history of weather is only marginally important to if it is raining NOW. This is another very difficult concept for pattern seeing human Internet marketers. 

Here I defer to Taleb's great book The Black Swan. Taleb points out that because it looks like a pattern, acts like a pattern, and quakes like a pattern doesn't mean something is in fact a pattern. Patterns are in the human mind more than in the REAL DATA. (Freakonomics works well in breaking the urban legend of pattern making too btw.)

The web's real data is so complex and interconnected it demonstrates Einsteinian relativity and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle mashed into one idea - that yes the viewer's perspective creates so much bias truth can't be known so relativity rules. Relativity in real time = closest thing to TRUTH any Internet marketer ecom Director (my former calling) is likely to ever know. 

Relativity in real time = Google's Float. When you and I see different SERPs despite typing the same query at the same time relativity becomes art, an art that rules the illusionary pattern making we call #SEO  :).M
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