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Why Google Authorship is Beyond Important
** Note not sure why I can't modify my share of +Mark Traphagen's upcoming interview on #googleauthorship , but here is the rest of my post. ** 

When the world is awash with content there are only a few ways to parse and not drown:

1. Reduce the crush by creating an arbitrary but highly effective filter such as Facebook's #edgerank (highly effective for THEM not so much for US) .

2. Create a competition capable of prioritizing the crush based on some vox populi "machine" or "black box" with enough mystery that conditioning stays on a fence between random and serendipitous. Random leads to learned helplessness and point of diminishing returns.

Serendipitous condition walks a fine line too. We must FEEL as if we have the ability to impact results via quality response or futility sets in. GOOGLE and +Google+ + author tagging feels like a big improvement to Door #2 and it was already crushing Door #1.

Of those two ideas I VASTLY prefer door #2. When Google created author tagging it felt important. Not all content is equal. Not all content creators are equal. Google, using #predictiveanalytics and the massive pattern recognition Navneet Panda helped create, will "know" a lot about us IF we help by using author tags.

We could extend this conversation further discussing how authorship is the foundation of semantic web, but its late and #semanticweb makes my head hurt :).

If all of that sounds like following my friend Mark and soaking up as much as possible about authorship is a good idea...well then we are singing off the same music :). M
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