Great +Neil Ferree Note
Alas all COOL things must come to an end. Storytelling Is The New SEO is not on Slideshare's homepage, but, as Neil noted, what a FUN ride. 3,400 views (almost), 74 downloads and 24 likes in 2 days is FUN.

Problem is this is "lottery marketing". Neil's right to look hard at my Revolutions because there is where the ditch digging work exists. The day in, day out curation that teaches me how to create and curate better AND the feedback loops necessary to understand patterns like:

* HOT Topics ROCK.
* Expect to TRIP over hot topics like Storytelling is the New SEO about half the time.
* Don't let feedback form your creation as much as modify presentation.
* When something is HOT, FEED IT!
* When friends like Neil throw their considerable PRESENCE behind something of yours THANK THEM and return the favor.

Don't Modify PASSION, But Tweak Presentation
I am not passionate about GOLF. My father loves golf and is good at it, so I won't curate or create golf content since it would be inauthentic and people who know golf like my dad would smell a rat in a minute. I am passionate about email marketing, cause marketing and social media marketing.

I don't let feedback loops move me from my passions to things like Golf that I am not passionate about NO MATTER WHAT the metrics say, but I do let feedback loops teach me how to form a title, that infographics are solid day in and day out and that uber-viral needs friends like Neil to get lift.

Recently I took a HARD look at the question of if a long tail could make something go viral and came to the conclusion that NO it could not. Viral is always dependent on a +SlideShare  or the team at   or +Kelly Hungerford and the amazing team. 

By the time a long tail distribution gets you on the tarmac it is too late.

Long tail distribution can't go viral because it takes too long. Long tail must have the support of an UBER connector(or two or three) to push your content over the top. I don't THANK people like Neil to kiss up. Life is too short and I am too sick for that. I RESPECT, admire and love people who teach me things (and Neil has and will :). 

I try to do the same.

I give away ME as much as possible and I keep track so when my OVER, the support I've received, is greater than my UNDER, support given (as it is a bit with Neil who has been beyond generous with me) I NOTICE it and make it right. 

I don't make it right because of any OBLIGATION to do so, but out of LOVE and RESPECT. People like Neil, my buddies, gang and the next set of supporters and advocates I haven't even met yet are AMAZING, special people willing to HELP, GUIDE and TUTOR. Least I can do is return those favors with EVERYTHING I HAVE.

I can be appreciative and thankful for every moment of every day, be happy for a ride like yesterday (TY +SlideShare :) and all the friends who made it and everything I think, learn and do possible. Trust me, life is way to short to do anything else.

 The web is a HUGE lie detecting megaphone. Some can game it for the short run, but the math always wins in the end and the math is increasingly about the stories you tell and the connections those stories help you make.

Remember when you were a kid and you told a lie and then another lie and another? Pretty soon you couldn't keep the lies straight and your parents were LAUGHING at your attempts to do so. The web is like that except with a memory like an elephant and on speed (lol).

Simple RX is don't lie. Sometimes a LIE is force upon you. When that happens take one in the chops and face it head on EVEN if there is all kinds of injustice. You WON more than you deserved too, so just think of any leveling as KARMA. 

Thanks Neil. I appreciate the support and generosity you've ALWAYS shown. I like Henry V's line, "He who sheds blood with me this day is my brother," I am lucky to have such brothers and sisters. LUCKY and appreciative.

You guys ROCK! Thanks. Marty    
If you peel back a layer or 2 of +Martin W. Smith presence → you'll see his Top 6 Topics have 3,000+ views each since he creates and curates and syndicates excellent content on a consistent basic (aka) the perfect storm.

What I especially like about this piece is the revelation on how Story Telling is the New SEO and that Martin uses 2 of my favorite tools (aka) and SlideShare Web 2 properties (and) while I've only had 1 SlideShare preso make the featured deck of the day once → when you get it right and land on the trending roster → good sh^t happens!

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