Addiction That Is Music
OMG! I'm at +MoondashAudiodotcom in Cary after meeting with +Drew Baird & +Nichole Baird listening to an Astell & Kern player (expensive iPod), playing John Coltrane into headphones via #silverdragons & into #fostex headphones. It sounds like bassist Art Davis is in the room with me.

This is music as cocaine or something equally addictive. The music is warm, present and full. The space between the notes unhurried and so silent. I can hear bass player Davis' fingers slide into a new note as Trane pulls the next solo out from wherever magic lives.

Elvin Jones is snapping his snare rattling and way behind Coltrane. Coltrane is up front, in the middle of my brain and as immediate, fluid and lyrical as always. None of one of the best selling jazz albums of all times subtleties is lost and it occurs to me that MOSTLY its subtle

The runs when the music picks up tempo and the quartet is finishing each others sentences are thrilling and addictive, but its the quiet that sinks the hook DEEP. Its the quiet that makes me realize there is a whole other world out there where the music sounds like the artist laid it down.

There is so much LOSS in how I listen to music now. Its nice to know that loss isn't permanent or irretrievable. What's the VALUE of having Trane and his quartet come play a concert in your head? What I wouldn't have given to have a rig like this with me during chemo :).

OMG! AGAIN! Trane finished and I have Clapton explaining how he is on his KNEES in Layla. I join Mr. Clapton. OMG! Hope this amazing #startups perk doesn't mean I have to wear a dress after our +Vestique meeting ( #badidea ). M

Great meeting discussing #musicisamovement and #hackyourheadphones working to get both ideas LIVE by June 1 along with launch of +Curagami our +Triangle StartUp Factory funded #startup helping #ecommerce and #contentmarketing create #community and find the elusive path to #friendsoffriends . #toogood #awesome #mustlisten  
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