Revolution Begins Tomorrow
Tomorrow leaders in #technology , #startups , #healthcare  and #marketing   HANGOUT to discuss #whatsnext .  On Air hangout from 11 to 2 EST (embedded here: ).

Meeting Goal
Ask amazing leaders in #tech , #healthcare , #startups  and #marketing  to share their vision of the future along with their favorite tips, ideas and thoughts on how to SURF the future instead of getting consumed by it. By 2pm tomorrow you will be inspired, smarter and ready to grab a board and head out to the breakers...guaranteed!  

11 - 11:30 Funding The Future With Big Checks 
I start us off with a discussion about FUNDING THE FUTURE., the crowdfunding platform +Atlantic BT built with +UNC Lineberger +Roswell Park +UW Carbone Cancer Center and +Duke Cancer Institute brings #cancerpatients , their friends and families into #cancerresearch    labs bridging gaps between heroes working to cure cancer and those facing its challenges. 

Crowdfunding isn't ONE thing, but a recognition the sooner and deeper we tap crowd wisdom the better. 

I'm going to hand over the event after our Big Check presentation to the host of the #couragecocktail  radio show +Lee Anne McClymont. Lee Anne is a great interviewer and agreed to spend the day ON AIR as we tell the story of a new Revolution, one that starts NOW. 

11:30 - 12:00 Funding Fibrocyte Research
My oncologist, Dr. Hank Van Deventer, will share his exciting #fibrocyte  research. Hank is working on a simple question. How is #cancer  like a wound? Cancer's systems are off kilter and Hank's research, one of the first to be featured on when it luanches on Monday, is exciting and a great example of how WE can inspire researchers even as THEY inspire us. 

12:00 - 12:30 +Chase Jones Shaving Heads To Cure Cancer's founder Chase Jones will share stories of shaved heads and creating community to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for #cancerresearch . Expect great #viralmarketing  tips from a #cancersurvivor  and nonprofit marketing pro.

12:30 - 1:00 Tar Heel Traveler Discusses Visual Storytelling
We hope to be joined by Scotty Mason, +Wral DotCom's #TarHeelTraveler  . The Tar Heel Traveler just did an amazing #video  about #curecancerstarter  that aired on Tuesday. Scotty is a gifted visual storyteller and with every #Internet   #marketing  pro looking for #tips  on how to create great #videomarketing  we can learn from the master. Scotty is on a shoot tomorrow, so Marty may share what he's observed during his four Tar Heel Traveler interviews.  

1:00 - 1:30 Candace Johnson Ph.D on The Future of Cancer Research via remote
+Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo is a leader in cancer research and a pillar of upstate New York. Dr. Candace Johnson is Rosell Park's Deputy Director and Chairs their Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. She is also the Robert, Anne and Lew Wallace Chair in Translational Research. What is "Translational Research" and what does the future look like from Buffalo? Should be a great conversation with a leader in cancer care and research innovation. 

1:30 - 2:00 Eric Garrison CEO on Social & Mobile Ecommerce
+Atlantic BT 's generosity is matched by my good friends Eric and Cynthia Garrison's +WTE Solutions. We used Eric's great Agile7 platform to create in less than a month and most of that time, as he reminded me today, was loading content. Eric moves $1M a day in sales through hundreds of websites his company helped develop and now serves. His insights into what's next in #ecommerce  could save or make you millions. 

2:00 Marty and Lee Anne's THANK YOUS and Summary

PS. I will be out on my feet by the end of this event so please forgive me if I just look TIRED (lol)., bringing the lab into cancer patient's their friends and family's lives launches Monday and the team at +Atlantic BT, our #curecancer  Buzz Team and an ARMY of people deserve THANKS and appreciation. 

I can't WAIT for you to see what an amazing team created. We may tease some pages up to the Hangout tomorrow. If I am too TIRED tomorrow please know that I know how many people have helped me and the extent of that help. My life has been SAVED over and over again by strangers working in labs just like the ones we can soon watch on video. 

GOING TO BE AMAZING...and THANK YOU for my life. It is WONDERFUL to be here doing this, creating these BIG IDEAS with each of you. 



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