Crowdsourcing LOVE Via
Couple of weeks ago I wrote The SEO Magic of Q&A for Atlantic BT ( ). I got it HALF right (lol).

Today I discovered the other half. When Atlantic BT's programmers got overloaded I crowdsourced Cure Cancer Starter on (

Why Crowdsourcing ROCKS
The unintended BENEFIT of that post is how wisdom of crowds Q&A is helping to tighten the project specifications. No matter who ends up creating it will be better because of the post on

Sure some people are just emailing a pitch, but those who INVEST time via the Gary Vaynerchuk Thank You Economy where meaningful PRESENCE and the willingness to invest cuts GET IT from Don't GET IT (where "it" is the new social sales process). 

I'm not complaining about the pitchers, so please don't misunderstand. I do have a message for the people using to simply pitch - you won't WIN that way.

How Social Media Marketing Is Changes Selling
I know adjusting to the idea of INVESTMENT prior to any hope of return is TOUGH and seems like a fool's errand, but it isn't. Social Media Marketing is changing everything including how to pitch.

How SMM is changing the art of the pitch:

* LISTEN first talk second.
* When you do TALK start with QUESTIONS.
* Tell stories, don't pitch with features and benefits (who CARES).
* You are only as strong as your supporting cast.

This last bullet needs some explanation. Your "supporting cast" is all of the content you've created, curated or that has been created or curated ABOUT you. I was just asked GREAT questions by Andrew at

I answered those questions (read the attachment for the answers and if you are in a particularly GEEKY mood or having trouble sleeping lol) in a Google Doc making sure to credit Andrew with a link. I bet Andrew has a link to this post up before the day is out.

Because Andrew GETS IT. Andrew understands how selling works now. When choice is INFINITE, as it is in almost every business vertical now, we buy from those who we LOVE.

The LOVE Thing In Today's Business
I know the L word scares business people, but get used to it. Ask yourself if you want to be loved how can you make that happen? Here is what the Big C taught me about LOVE:

* Beatles are right, you get the love you make (so to speak :).
* Go easy on YOURSELF first and you can love others.
* Deciding to LOVE life is a CHOICE made every second of every day.
* Loving even people who make you MAD = you got it, you are there.
* Love yourself first, flaws and all, is cliche but so true.
* If you can't love yourself, no other love works.
* Time is SHORT, so LOVE because you CAN.

Here's the thing. Social media means I can see, feel and know YOU even if we never meet. Social makes us SMARTER about BS. Social is the "killer app" that is making Tim Sanders book Love Is the Killer App come TRUE in real time.

If you are arrogant we see it. If you are mean we see it. If you LOVE we feel it. Any company and anyone who wants to be successful NOW will take a page out of Andrew's and the already impressive team at and LOVE and LISTEN more, talk less.

Andrew I don't know if we will work on Cure Cancer Starter together or not,but I promise you we will work on something together and I KEEP my promises come Hell or High Water :).

You guys ROCK. Thanks for making my day after a long hard week of feeling like crap on a bun. Marty

Fair Warning :). The attached Q&A enters the "HIGHLY GEEKY" territory and never really leaves. If you can't get to sleep tonight read it, otherwise you may want to skip it.
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