Thank You Note To Cancer Fighters & Special FOMs UNC Lineberger Fibrocyte Research 45% Funded After 1st Week
Sunday is a great day to be thankful for friends. I'm thankful for 7 Special FOMs who've helped Dr. Hank van Deventer, doc who save my life, research get to 45% FUNDED after our first week at

+Phil Buckley  is a great friend and one of the best hiring decisions I've ever made (now twice as he is helping Not long after I hired Phil when I was Director of Ecommerce I left on Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer our 3,300 mile bicycle ride across America. Phil gave me the confidence to leave on the greatest adventure of my life. I'm so thankful Phil can help us with for a little while as he starts what I know will be an amzing company since Phil is one of the best "SEOs" I know and I know a passel of them.

+Janet Kennedy has the spirit and ENERGY to #curecancer . I once had the unlucky task of following Janet at Ignite Raleigh. Unlucky because Janet was amazing. She brought the house down with her passion and the mission of her very col cause - $5 Bucks Is  Dhange ( My funny Janet story is right now our system has a nasty tendency to remove your donation amount after saving a credit card. Our system moves whatever donation you WANTED to make to $5. We are working to FIX THAT, but seem appropriate the first person to point out that error to us was the founder of $5 Bucks Is Change.

+Danny Rosin is an inspiration. After 911 Danny and a few friends created Band Together and they've raised millions to help local charities. I donated to Band Together NOT because such a Quid Pro Quo was necessary but because Danny is an awesome FOM (Friend of Martins) who helped get born via his mentoring, coaching and willingness to share.

Mark Foulkrod is the President of +Atlantic BT and so already in for a big check (Atlantic BT and have and will continue to fund so its use by cancer researchers and cancer patients, their friends and family is FREE. What can you say about a boss who hired me when he knows I have cancer and then helped create my 3rd BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer our 3,300 mile bicycle ride across America was the first BHAG. Creating was the second and now crowdfunding cancer research is the third. I owe Mark and Atlantic BT more than Can be repaid.

Several new FOMs stepped up and donated too. I don't know these new FOMs well enough to embarrass them here but clicking on the BACKER tab here shares all of the special supporters of UNC's #curecancer  

New FOMs probably heard about us from +Mark Traphagen +jan gordon +Neil Ferree  +Lee Anne McClymont  or +Nikol Murphy since they are also amazing FOMs working hard to save my life (thank you too :).
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