Semantic Web Is A Game 

When computers win crosswords instead of finishing 134th we will need to take a very different approach to #websitedesign  . I've often asked how teams I managed made over $30M online. Doing what Google told us to do is one answer.

Another is being 5 minutes ahead of ever other #Internetmarketer  . This post is theory and practice. I share ideas for how an #ecommerce  team can begin to adopt "video game" tactics now in preparation for Web 3.0. 

* Use HTML5 and CSS3 to create a small dynamic zone on your homepage.
* Create a “Read the cookie, fire the creative” business rule for the dynamic zone.
* Keep the dynamic zone out of Google (for now).
* Test the business rule with 3 to 5 keywords.
* Test the business rule with 3 to 5 traffic sources.
* Baseline heuristic and monetary measures with and without the zone.

Soon your design and #uxdesign  team will need to move from static boxes to highly dynamic persona and segment based WHAT, IF conditions. If returning customer X who we know is persona Y visits from Google on keyword z then present content creative ABC. 

Since variables can easily slouch toward infinity I shared tips on how to start small. I only got to dip my toe in this "read the cookie, fire the creative" water when I was a Director of Ecommerce, but it was intriguing and clearly sketches our not to distant future.

When I lead seminars about #Internetmarketing  I ask what those listening think is their most important "product". I hear things like our brand, our messaging or offers. 

WRONG :). 

The most important "product" any Internet marketing team creates is a team capable of developing winning Internet marketing. Internet marketing is not easy or for the faint of heart. We lucky few Internet marketers create sand castles on the beach. 

Inside of this post is the theory and practical tips that will move your Internet marketing five minutes ahead IF you have the courage to embrace the future a few seconds before its actual arrival. If your true product is a team capable of developing great Internet marketing then your mission is making sure you have the courage to do so despite the slings and arrows of the ill informed. 

Internet marketing is highly relative. We have reams of data and all of it can be dead WRONG. The more Internet marketing you create the more you realize 1. there is no BAD Internet marketing other than NOT doing something and 2. what you think is BAD today can become great tomorrow. 

Problem with such a highly relative environment is everyone has an opinion that may be equally "correct". Don't waste time on the wrong battles. Begin to move your Internet marketing toward a dynamic #semanticweb  now and you lose nothing and may just jump five minutes into the future. 

I have direct experience being five minutes ahead and five minutes behind. Trust me, ahead crushes the behind experience :). M 

Think +David Amerland may share thoughts on how a more relevant web helps his new value system, +Mark Traphagen may weigh in on why #GooglePlus  is arguably the most "dynamic" and so dangerous social web (to any established business vertical) and +Phil Buckley may have thoughts on #SEO  when Google can both index and UNDERSTAND :). 
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