Cooking The 'Books': Why We Are Loving Curagami Scores
We lucky few #internetmarketers have a problem. We are betwixt and between these days. What was OLD ( #seo )  is clearly gone, baby gone. What is NEW is not clear yet.

Caught in the miasma of change its hard to know if we should go up, down or sideways. Been doing this, #internetmarketing , a long time now. Launched first B2C & B2B #website in 1999 (one of the first of those 2 sided markets we all love now).

One trick I've learned is when the real world gets too confusing create and model an artificial one. We are creating an "artificial" model now with +Curagami scores. A Curagami score is a mashup of old #seo values and new heuristic measures such as Link Efficiency Index (LEI is ratio of links to pages).

At the moment creating a Curagami Score is laborious - look up a bunch of values put them on a spreadsheet. But WOW what s special look that work creates. Once our ingredients are chopped, rinsed and waiting we can Wolfgang Puck 'em into all kinds of interesting dishes.

Yesterday, for one example, we wedged in values from a #contentmarkeing site to illustrate how overly self referential a market of non-Internet marketers can become. Left to their own devices many Small To Medium Sized Businesses (smbs) handcuff themselves to the most expensive forms of online #marketing such as Google PPC.

Addiction Is Easy
Its easy to get caught in a whirlpool of paid middlemen. Your business grows so you become dependent on a paid fix. You don't have the time to create content or really understand the web's inner workings so a #smb does what they think is the right thing to do and eliminates their ability to exist WITHOUT expensive intermediaries.

Addiction is Easy and happening as I write this.

Web marketers know its our job to use crutches to stand and then learn to RUN on our own. We look to balance OUT paid anything. This means a beginning PPC budget gets reduced and informed as organic success helps lessen the paid "addiction". We look to diversify into "owned" #marketingchannels such as email. Curagami scores help see the entire playing field.

Since the Curagami matrix is the SAME for anyone its possible to mix in even the most exotic of ingredients and learn from them. In my Connection +Haiku Deck I used +Red Bull to demonstrate how becoming a media company could help stalwart and excellent retailers such as +Blue Nile and +REI ( ).

Red Bull and REI may feel asynchronous UNTIL commonalities and differences are so clearly marked (when creating a Curagami Score). The value of looking at all ingredients organized and categorized is cooking is easy. Even better, cooking in NEW and EXCITING ways is easy.

Irony of ironies to realize one of the quickest ways to innovate is to experience the current drudgery of manually laying out every ingredient so visual inspection is easy, fast and asynchronous patterns easy to spot. Why we are loving cooking with Curagami scores.
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