Startups Pitch Day is TODAY for Curagami & 3 Others - Why Tactical IM Can't Scale & What's Next and Better
+Phil Buckley and I will be pitching our +Triangle StartUp Factory funded #cooltool called +Curagami today. We hope to have a free white paper up today sharing how Curagami helps #ecommerce merchants and #contentmarketing creating #community and leave the point of diminishing return tactical warfare behind.

Point of Diminishing Returns Happens Faster Now
If market making has been harder I don't remember when. One impact of the "new world order" is a certain desperation. When any #Internetmarketing tactic shows even the slightest daylight a scrum forms and the light fades fast.

We reach points of diminishing returns faster now, much faster. Tactical warfare when everyone can see and know everything almost simultaneously is a nonstarter anyway. There are only two ways to win a tactical war:

* Use the new weapons well before others.
* Think asynchronously and so use existing tactics in a highly DISRUPTIVE fashion.

Even if you are the fastest gun in the west someone somewhere is faster or less concerned about ethics. You can't scale an online brand via tactical warfare.

Tactical warfare, in this context, is using tools during their "movement" phase. Tools have three distinct phases:

Phase I Movements of true believers and early adopters.
Phase II Business pros and CPAs step in to find #roi .
Phase III Point of diminishing returns where more effort is required to get yesterday's results.

Many of the tactics I loved as a Director of Ecommerce such as #emailmarketingtips , #SEO and #ppc are now firmly in Phase III. Other tactics such as #socialmediamarketing , #contentmarketing and #videomarketing are headed there.

Win Hearts, Minds, Loyalty by BEING Different
Tactics are flawed twice. We know there is always a faster gun out there in the wild west that is the web. Tactical compulsion is a common IMer disease.

Tactics compulsion takes two forms:

* New = Better Myopia.
* Exhaustion.

Many of my fellow IMers always want to be ON the New, New thing. If its new surely this latest tactic can save them. Not so much as it turns out. Every tactic is going to move through phase I to Phase II and NO ONE comes back from the point of diminishing return.

Exhaustion is another related symptom of trench warfare without stop for too long. Exhaustion can be just as costly as the ADD of New, New compulsion.

The ONLY way to win a tactical war is to NOT PLAY. Sitting on sidelines can be equally as damaging, so PLAYING is critical. Confusing right (lol). We suggest NOT PLAYING the game tactically. We suggest playing the game to win hearts, minds and loyalty.

Hearts, Minds, Loyalty = Different Game
This "new game" is TOUGH and HARD because new skills are needed. New #marketing skills such as:

* LISTENING more than you talk.
* Curating more than you create.
* Finding MAGIC in how THEY (customers) riff your creations.
* Collaborating.
* Sharing.
* Developing an altruistic and less proprietary way of BEING.

I've worked for a lot of GREAT companies. I remember our VP Sales actually knifing a Hershey Kiss at a Mars sales conference. Explaining the "new marketing" that create authority and clout today, the less proprietary more altruistic marketing, would just piss that VP Sales off.

Curagami speaks to the NEXT generation of IMers. The generation who understand their future, their company's future, their brand's future depend on collaboration and LOVE. When everything is pretty good, as most things are these days, we buy from those we LOVE or the closest we can come to that ideal.

Today we pitch a new tool called Curagami that is really a #movement about:

* Collaborating on a massive scale.
* Making friends and influencing friends of friends around the globe.
* Loving what you do and WHO you are doing it with.

The web is a huge lie detecting amplifier. Passion is easy to FEEL online. Your LOVES are easy to discover. When our marketing is aligned to core beliefs (us) and customer aspirations (them) a commons forms and that commons is THE NEW. Non tactical, not likely to ever entropy-out (reach a point of diminishing return), passion, love, collaboration and sharing is what's left. You in?

Wish us luck for our +Triangle StartUp Factory Pitch today and thanks for your support, encouragement and help. Marty and Team Curagami.  
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