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Secret To Internet Marketing
Stumbled over something important last week. You know how that happens. Your are doing something very unimportant and whamo something unexpected hits you hard. Here was the #internetmarketing  idea that just about knocked me over:

The key to making money online is doing some things to create trust and then disrupting those very things enough to create money.

I wrote about this conundrum on +Atlantic BT last week ( ). More subtle than "think outside the box" this #asynchronousThinking  says START with conventional ideas and then determine how much the convention needs to be stood on its head to WIN hearts, minds, loyalty and advocacy. 

If my last sentence sounds like Internet marketing is chaos wrapped in mystery you are getting it. #testing  is the best way to find the paper-thin line between disruption that wins hearts and minds and the kind of disruption that pushes visitors away. I've seen that line be as small as a single word and as large as a #websitedesign .

I sat down over the weekend to use the best visual marketing tool I know about thanks to +Mark Traphagen called +Haiku Deck to see if I could map the journey to asynchronous thinking. The really hard part is YOUR line is different than MY line.

Your website may be able to do things mine cannot. This is why there is no silver bullet in #IM  . The line moves all the time and is different from one business vertical to another. #Google  has a pretty good say in where that line, the one between just the right amount of disruption and way too much, resides.

If Internet marketing sounds like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears that is because it is. Success comes when your porridge is just right AND you avoid the nasty bears :). Learning to #ThinkAsynch  is the best way to ward off bears and heat porridge :). M 
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Another great, thought-provoking piece! We love how you have been using Haiku Deck for highly visual/lean content. 
Thanks +Haiku Deck for creating a tool so in tune with marketers. Marketers are visual. Usually we must modify our way of THINKING to some engineering. Much is lost in such translations.

With Haiku Deck we get to use a tool that is capable of instantly adding to our thinking, a tool capable of clarifying, building and adding. THANK YOU for creating such a thing, such a beautiful magical thing :). M
I like some of these ideas - but it would have been great with a few concrete examples to better connect the ideas to real world actions. At least for me :-)
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