Brief History of SEO via One of Best SEOs In The World
I'm lucky enough to sit across from one of the best SEOs in the world. Latey #seo is much maligned. Don't be stupid. The math and +Google+ always win as this sweeping post by +Curagami co-founder and one of the best SEOs +Phil Buckley prove:

Truth About SEO

What Makes A SEO Great
We lucky few #Internetmarketers call someone with the rare combination of skills needed to peer behind the wizard curtain a "SEO". Calling someone a Search Engine Optimizer may seem like an insult. It is not and will never be :).

SEOs require a rare blend of talent including:

* Patience.
* As little EGO as possible.
* Einstienian Intelligence.
* Communication Skills of the TRANSLATION variety.
* Courage.

Being an SEO is a little like what I would imagine being an oncologist is like. Like oncology SEOs fight a dragon that feels smarter and more powerful. Like oncology SEOs lose more than they win.

I couldn't be an oncologist or a SEO. I don't have the temperament. I don't SUCK as an Internet marketer because I have SOME of a SEOs characteristics some of the time. I couldn't be a great SEO because I don't have ALL of those characteristics in abundance ALL of the time.

Phil does and that is what makes him one of the best "SEOs" on the planet, Co-Founder of Curagami and a great friend. I often say the best hiring decision I made was hiring Phil. Having the honor to work with him daily and read posts like The Truth About SEO help me realize what a VAST understatement that was.

Phil is not ONLY one of the best "hires" I ever made he may be the best friend I've ever had too. In so many ways people like me, people who don't have Phil's patience, courage or humility in such perfect balance, can't create without the "second dancer" or "first follower" ( ).

It takes GUTS to be a "first Follower" indeed and courage is something one of the best SEOs on the planet has in abundance :).

Meet A Great SEO
For the price of lunch you too can say you've met and spoken with one of the best SEOs on earth. Here are just a few ways you can hang out with Phil too:

Speaking at Search Exchange Conference in Charlotte 7.28 - 7.30

At Curagami table, American Underground, American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC most days. +American Tobacco +Triangle StartUp Factory 

Hosts "Genius Lunches" at +The Pit Authentic Barbecue.

Raleigh SEO Meetup 1x a month (biggest such Meetup in USA)

Much like Paladin has GUN and WILL TRAVEL so visit or contact phil(at)

Why should you WANT to meet a great SEO? As I've already shown. Any website always makes MORE of an impact (money, following, love) with a great SEO than not.
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