Video Captures Hearts & Minds
Glad friends +Atlantic Creative reminded me of this panel conversation. The issue was a tough one. How can a man whose son has a tough health challenge that only impacts 700 people a year create a movement to raise the funds necessary to pay for a cure.

#Story and #video are the keys to solving this marketing problem. Story because we support things that TOUCH our heart and engage our minds. Video because video is the most emotional content #internetmarketers create.

Video is also the most #viral or it has the most viral potential. Video isn't really ON or IN your website. Video floats above it. Great videos will be embedded in OPW (Other People's Websites). if we Internet marketers play for likes, links and shares these days EMBEDS are a magical form of likes, links and shares.

When someone embeds a video on their website it is like the juice from that click (to watch the video) is magically transported to your website (if that is where the video is playing from). If you read that last sentence to say, "Video MUST be both on YouTube AND played from inside your technical stack," then you win a cookie.

Video on YouTube benefits who?

If you answered mostly YouTube you are correct. A small % of the traffic on your videos on YouTube will ever find their way to your website. Make sure you include THAT Call To Action in your video (Visit our website at, but don't put videos on YouTube that create "close to conversion" traffic.

When we tested video on our product pages when I was a Director of Ecommerce we found a host and a CDN (Content Delivery Network because video can slow down your pages without the right kind of hosting support such as Akamai). Video on a product page is "close to conversion".

I would argue "close to conversion" video is an art unto itself. In our case we wrote product specific scripts. The product was the hero. We only had what we called "helping hands" take viewers through how batteries went in and voice over and graphics for things like what our "buzz team" thought of the product.

By making the product the hero the video wasn't distracting and conversions increased 4X. If we had a branded narrator then viewers might wonder who they were. We weren't selling the on camera personality. We were selling the gadget, so we made the gadget the hero.

We didn't create a 4x conversion video right off. We failed miserably four times before finding the right balance and pace for the product script. Once we had the template we produced 10 videos in short order because creating a video was as close to "plug and play" as it good get (after all that testing and about 5 months).

Video isn't cheap and CAN hurt conversion. So set some budget aside to find the template that will increase your conversions by 4x and remember VIDEO is the most emotional content you will create. You win more hearts and minds with video than with even GREAT written content.
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