100% To Research Always and Forever
Thanks to +Nikol Murphy and +Talking Moose Media  for creating such a great graphic and for friends such as  +Mark Traphagen for sharing. Couple of important points:

* is built to NOT BE SUSTAINABLE*
* I'm a professional #dragonslayer and a #cancersurvivor and both are dangerous jobs. I set up the Story of Cancer Foundation (the foundation writing checks from my 401k and generous donors such as +Atlantic BT ) to insure that goes on if I am here or not :).
* I sold my house and anything that was nailed down to support the foundation because I wanted to say THANK YOU for saving my life (and I'm not married anymore and don't have children so can do crazy things).

Okay those bullets are confusing because they make it sound like is sustainable. Tough row to hoe since donors need to know we are NOT fly by night here today, gone tomorrow. Read on and you will discover why is sustainable for your donation but has a term limit :).

Sustainable Cancer Charities Are Stupid
I don't want to offend anyone, but I have cancer and YOU can't make money from that UNLESS you save my life. Some "charities" are little more than self sustaining event marketing and those who would betray #cancerpatients   like that deserve to have chemo whether they need it or not. Chemo sucks btw.

I love a good event too, but we've built on a simple single idea - research cures cancer so we give 100% of donations to federally approved American research centers (this assures only well vetted research is on was built with a limited term of when my 401K and generous benefactors such as +Atlantic BT (where I'm one of the Directors of Marketing) runs out OR we cure cancer whichever comes first. There is NO HOUSE MONEY ever and the tool is FREE for great cancer researchers such as +Roswell Park and +Duke Cancer Institute to use. will always be free for #cancerpatients their friends and families to use too. Lots of EXPENSE without PROFITS isn't a sustainable model, but then are we "sustainable models"? Our journey ends too something I learned the hard way, but am so grateful I did.

If I become destitute and living out of my car (something I was sure to pay off when I sold my home LOL) I know +Nikol Murphy will still make me smile, +Phil Buckley will find ways to feed me at +ThePit Grill and +Mark Traphagen will tell Traphagen's Army how they can help me. This means no matter how much MORE all of this costs than I planned everything will be okay.

I learned this HARD lesson on Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer. In the summer of 2010 I decided the time to live a lifelong dream was NOW. I quit my job as an Ecommerce Director, hired a team of two and we rode bicycles across America for sixty days.

I budgeted $25,000 and spent $40,000. We raised $30,000 for +Duke Cancer Institute (so I spent $40K to make $30K so not sustainable there either :) but every dollar donated WENT TO DUKE. I used the stock I sold when I quit my job and my father and mother helped (a lot).

I shared my favorite Martin's Ride story recently on Courage Cocktail with +Lee Anne McClymont. We got to Arizona and I didn't have the money to get us home. My pledge to the team was I wold fly them home. Well CCs were maxed and cash was gone so I called my father.

"How much do you need," my father, who has the same leukemia I do but has never been treated (Thank You God), said. I my dad I needed $1500. We drove the RV to Lake Mead and my father slipped me an envelope as we ate lunch. I didn't look right away because WASPs don't do that, so I was surprised to see twice what I asked for in cash in the envelope (because WASPs rarely do that either). Felt like I just made a drug deal with my dad (lol).

The amazing part of this my favorite Martin's Ride story is my father's estimate of what I really needed was only 5% off. When I got home there was $200 left and I gave that to my brother Drew for his birthday (from my dad).

So long story to say our foundation isn't here to sustain anything. We exist for a single reason. We exist so YOUR children and THEIR children must +Google+ #cancer to even know what it is.

No, we aren't about sustaining anything. We are about KILLING the enemy that is cancer and then having a beer and telling that story over and over again. Hope you will join our ragtag army of FOMs (Friends of Martins) and revolutionary #Internet #marketers
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