+Phil Buckley is so right here, but this note to a customer threatening to sue does illustrate an important division -

* Those who GET IT. 
* Those who don't.

"Get It" refers to the elephants never forget online memory, an online memory created by the mob, fed by wisdom of crowds and immutable once set. Phil had a moving company threaten him and he will probably always outrank them for their most valuable keywords now. 

Those keywords HAVE NO UTILITY for Phil other than teaching a sore loser a lesson. EGO is expensive online. EGO reduces collaboration, silos a brand and cuts off valuable feedback loops or access to keywords. 

AND FOR WHAT? For the ability to throw gasoline on any hope you, your company or brand will be able to have a meaningful and helpful presence online. 

The example Phil shared was a bully threatening someone who gave an honest review "spoiling years of good reviews". 


Any company whose reviews are too good just looks foolish and crooked. Its the 2% negative reviews that make ALL OTHER reviews believable. No one is PERFECT for everyone all the time. 

The creation of a "perfect" image online is nothing other than suspicious. I wrote a #socialmedia  Safety Tips article for +Kelly Hungerford and the +Paper.li team and the company who threatened needs to read that post. They are operating in the red zone. 

Every moment a brand lives in the "red zone" its like the "death zone" on Everest. The web is counting up the votes. Once a tipping point is reached, and bullying creates one almost as fast as humor, there is NO COMING BACK. 

The brand's online reputation is so damaged, so marginalized, any attempt to come back only makes the Chinese finger puzzle tighten. 

Love the "damages we've suffered" riff. Think you are in PAIN now? Keep bullying and today will feel like a walk in the park on rose petals. 

The LARGER issue is to be so clearly clueless is to DESTROY any value proposition the bully can imagine much less actually create. Can't threaten your way to LOVE and LOVE is the business we are all in these days whether we recognize it or not :). M 
I just received an email from a woman who had a bad experience with a photographer in Myrtle Beach, SC and left him a 2 star review. He is now threatening to sue her! (That Casey Movers post is long-tail gold)

Here's the email he sent her yesterday:
I am not sure why you took it upon yourself to destroy a legacy of perfect reviews for my family company for the past 23 years, but I would have appreciated a phone call about your concerns.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction, but after looking at the pics it's obvious that there is something else here going on. You will be hearing from our attorney about the damages that we have incurred based on your false review of only "4 pics" being printable. Our clients read those reviews, and you intended to do us harm. You should have read the policy at the bottom of the website page. 

We are in the process of locating your physical address for process service, and notice of suit for damages totaling in excess of 10,000.00 estimated daily sales, you can stop this, and we will withdraw the suit if you take down the false review, and ask for a refund.
That almost sounds like he's paying for reviews doesn't it?

It still amazes me that bullying and threats is the go-to answer for small businesses that rely on the goodwill of their customers for repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising
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