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CrowdFunde Question Re: B2B Content Marketing: What's More Important User Generated Content    #UGC  , Social Shares or both?
Working on our Business model canvas at +Triangle StartUp Factory with +Phil Buckley  +Frank Pollock  and we ran into a question. 

B2B feels HARDER to create a    #valueproposition   for (may be wrong). We are wrestling with where the value chain is in B2B. Everyone says    #SEO   is important, but we know SEO is many different things now post Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, so:

What is more important to B2B    #contentmarketers   ?

User Generated Content. 

Social Shares.

Both Equally. 

Don't Separate. 

It strikes us that some content is more VALUABLE in  #SEO   terms than others. User Generated Content that brings social shares feels valuable. Self referential content that doesn't create the branded loyalty needed feels less important. 

BUT, is a B2B brand being set by the size of the net they toss (so pass through links and lots of them as +Brian Yanish explains works great OR is size of net less important than using the right lure? 

Is there any value to creating community from an agencies customers? Is there a "commons" play where the impact of five contributing members is always stronger, more varied and valuable than selling services one off into a group of customers that never come together as a commons? 

The "Crazy Guy In The Basement" inventor makes creating a CrowdFunde board for B2C a no-brainer benefit to UGC, traffic and SEO. The "Crazy Guy In The Basement" brings a wild dream, shares it and drives social shares in to the campaign page to help fund the idea (the magic of Kickstarter is 75% of funding comes from an  #entrepreneurs   network (one of CrowdFunde's mission is to up the % coming from the web in support of a  #startups   dreams). 

We are wrestling more with the B2B value prop. Look forward to thoughts from +Neil Ferree +Mark Traphagen +jan gordon  and anyone reading this note who wants to help with thoughts on the importance of UGC vs. social shares to B2B content marketers. . 

TY Marty 

Found this B2B content marketing study from +Pardot 

Actual survey summary is on 

helpful. Other ideas? Resources? Thoughts?
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I'm sure those you tagged in this post are familiar with  #UGC   but I'm not sure about the other non-SEO/SEM people will be?
UGC = User Generated Content.

Thanks for the marketing nerd sanity check +Neil Ferree  ;-)
Thanks +Neil Ferree and +Phil Buckley is right we tend to speak in tongues. UGC = User Generated Content or the GOLD we all mine from the web these days since without it  #SEO  is all but impossible. Thanks for "sanity check" indeed. M 
I think you guys are so adept at SEO that you couldn't accidentally screw that up if you tried. Hell I tried to google 'realized networks' to contribute intelligently to that part of your discussion and one of the front page hits is +Mark Traphagen from  two years ago simply 'realizing' that he hadn't eaten dinner.  That stuff is in your DNA. Focus on these other critical pieces.

C's vs. B's - It's all the same, mom.
I'd start with the end in mind.  Let's imagine the end point is simply a customer.  For B2B sometimes we get wrapped around the axle thinking it is some magical new beast.  There is still a C, even if it is disguised as a B.  So the "end in mind" for B2B may point us to the second B or to the second B's end customer. 

Know thy Customer
For this exercise (as best I've wrapped my head around it so far) - there are plenty of additional steps I won't take time to elaborate on here.  But in my simpleton layout below there is a piece of the value chain that stands out to me in terms of value to the system for B2B --> Step 4:

1 Make content crisp, and clear so we WILL READ it. 
2 Make content great so we WILL SHARE it.
3 Make sure we can find it so we CAN SHARE it.
4 Make it valuable to MY customer (not only yours)

As the second B - I want to be perceived by my customers as a valuable resource that they can return to with trust.  Perhaps more so than in a typical social network, as a Business I would be looking for a Network to help ME be that resource.

The network constraints (either by design or grassroots) will shape how participants craft those messages, how they plant the seeds, how they find crafty ways to integrate dual messages and ultimately how they partner within the network to make it a success.

As for the UGcontent vs Social shares - to me it's a knit fabric. There is probably a default order to attack them in, but if one part breaks down the *system will quickly unravel.

Thats all I've got with the limited context, but you have my ear.
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