CrowdFunde Question Re: B2B Content Marketing: What's More Important User Generated Content    #UGC  , Social Shares or both?
Working on our Business model canvas at +Triangle StartUp Factory with +Phil Buckley  +Frank Pollock  and we ran into a question. 

B2B feels HARDER to create a    #valueproposition   for (may be wrong). We are wrestling with where the value chain is in B2B. Everyone says    #SEO   is important, but we know SEO is many different things now post Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, so:

What is more important to B2B    #contentmarketers   ?

User Generated Content. 

Social Shares.

Both Equally. 

Don't Separate. 

It strikes us that some content is more VALUABLE in  #SEO   terms than others. User Generated Content that brings social shares feels valuable. Self referential content that doesn't create the branded loyalty needed feels less important. 

BUT, is a B2B brand being set by the size of the net they toss (so pass through links and lots of them as +Brian Yanish explains works great OR is size of net less important than using the right lure? 

Is there any value to creating community from an agencies customers? Is there a "commons" play where the impact of five contributing members is always stronger, more varied and valuable than selling services one off into a group of customers that never come together as a commons? 

The "Crazy Guy In The Basement" inventor makes creating a CrowdFunde board for B2C a no-brainer benefit to UGC, traffic and SEO. The "Crazy Guy In The Basement" brings a wild dream, shares it and drives social shares in to the campaign page to help fund the idea (the magic of Kickstarter is 75% of funding comes from an  #entrepreneurs   network (one of CrowdFunde's mission is to up the % coming from the web in support of a  #startups   dreams). 

We are wrestling more with the B2B value prop. Look forward to thoughts from +Neil Ferree +Mark Traphagen +jan gordon  and anyone reading this note who wants to help with thoughts on the importance of UGC vs. social shares to B2B content marketers. . 

TY Marty 

Found this B2B content marketing study from +Pardot 

Actual survey summary is on 

helpful. Other ideas? Resources? Thoughts?
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