Why Ecommerce Marketing Is Broken & What To Do About It - Free White Paper
Written with +Phil Buckley +Jarrod Swart and team +Curagami our first free whitepaper is about how #ecommerce #marketing is broken. #ecom is broken because:

* 67% of carts are abandoned.
* Email lists are growing even as open rates are tanking.
* Most Ecommerce marketing is not ready for the social / mobile web.

Tactical #Internetmarketing is over killed by the dragon named "point of diminishing returns". If every ecommerce idea begins as a movement with passionate disciples, moves to a #roi based business and finally ends up in the land of "diminishing returns" then tactical online marketing doesn't scale.

Tactics I loved such as #emailmarketing , Google #ppc and even #socialmediamarketing and #contentmarketing are either living in the land of diminishing return or headed there soon. If you can't win a tactical online marketing war what are #internetmarketers to do?

New Sheriff In Town
Little did we know the full sweep of Google's recent Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm changes. Google had to restore faith in the link as a vote and we must understand that Google isn't the only way to win customer Hearts and Minds.

Apps, social nets and our ability to mashup scaled ideas to create community and win hearts, minds and loyalty online are creating a NEW Ecommerce. If you have millions riding on What's Next or want to be a few minutes ahead of peers read our Why Ecommerce Marketing Is Broken: How Conversations Become Links whitepaper and share your thoughts and experience.

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