Why I Am Slouching Toward Google Plus As It Passes LinkedIn
I'm an Internet marketer and that means I NEVER ignore new tools or ideas especially if the word GOOGLE is anywhere near them. I hedge by tipping a toe in and waiting to see if an entire foot is warranted. 

My foot is wet now on Google Plus and I am inches from jumping all the way in. This exhaustive study showing G+ moved past LinkedIn doesn't surprise me. 

I am NOT saying Google Plus is ready for prime time. It is NOT. The UI is confusing and if you figure out their marketing positioning let me know, but I am more in today than yesterday and suspect that trend to continue. 

Perhaps THE hardest lesson I've learned as an Internet marketer is judge less and do more. I get that we are all exhausted and overwhelmed. The amount of change we've had to process in the last two years is insane. 

Sorry, but we are going to look back and think this was the slow time, the time when we could really THINK and then DO. Think you are overwhelmed now trying to figure out how to have your marketing MATTER and create advocacy? Just wait. 

Let's stipulate a few things such as:

* We MUST work on our Internet Marketing car as we drive.
* Moore's Law means today's speed will seem slow tomorrow.
* Anything with the word GOOGLE Attached Deserves Our Attention, Involvement and Support. 

"Support" may be the wrong word. Do you "support" a king or respect him and do what he tells you. These flat, global, connected and social days even Kings need a little support. Google Plus has an ever increasing amount of mine and, if you too are an Internet marketer, G+ should have yours too. 

CC: My G+ braintrust: +Mark Traphagen  +Phil Buckley +Nikol Murphy +Jesse Wojdylo +Neil Ferree 
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