Mashup Art: New Kinds of Visuals
Extending CEO +Guillaume Decugis's logic from content where he noted curation may be the key simply because, at some point soon, all content that NEEDS writing  has been written.

Guillaume means "rich snippet" curation or curation where the hand of the curator is present. Rich Snippet curation, the kind thousands of curators perform daily on his magical #curationtool , is lean,  VISUAL, fast and fun.

Perhaps the same thing is true for visual imagery. That thought got me to experiment with visual curation collisions. These "curation collisions" mash an expected and famous image into an unexpected one such as this example of Wyeth's Cristina's World painting smashed into a collage by Kurt Schwitters. Or a Jacques Louis David with torn paper.

#contentcuration feels like the most important skill I've learned in the past few years (thanks to Guillaume +Ally Greer and the amazing curators who so patiently taught me such as +Robin Good +Michele Smorgon +jan gordon  and +Ana Cristina Pratas). The more I curate the more there is to curate too (so fun). 

Here is THANKS to teachers especially patient ones (and they are ALL patient :). M!

PS. Come to think of it, +Google+ is a "curation collision" and a very cool one too!
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