Time and Weather In Web Design
The Bit.ly analyst was perplexed. “For some reason we consistently see 6% to 8% of our links are about the weather,” she said during a conference several years ago. As a salesperson trained by +Procter Gamble and M&M/Mars (https://plus.google.com/112416986288845956470/posts )  fascination with the weather wasn’t a surprise.

Time & Weather The Last Universal Languages
Weather is one of the last universal languages. Everyone has a weather story to share. Swapping weather stories helps us get to know each other. We use safe “universal” information like weather to develop #trust   and create meaningful #relationships .

Seasonality carries many of the same advantage. Everyone lives where there are SEASONS, but San Francisco’s “summer” is different than Durham, North Carolina. In a very HOT June we can envy their coolness.

On a foggy day THEY envy the clear Carolina blue sky. Everyone’s weather and seasons can be shared easily and without much translation or explanation. People in your immediate area experiencing the same weather and seasons have empathy. People in other areas may have envy or you may envy them (their weather and seasons).

Websites and web designs should take advantage of one of the last universal languages to create a sense of PLACE and TIME. Don’t think sharing a winter scene in December loses sales from your California or Hawaii customers.

Weather, Time & Nostalgia
Weather creates nostalgia and memories too. Citizens of Hawaii who’ve never seen snow still watch It’s A Wonderful Life at Christmas. Snowy images don't distance your #webdesign from your Hawaii customers. Snowy images tap the collective consciousness of the holiday season. Common touchstones such as It’s A Wonderful life create nostalgia. Nostalgia may be another quickly dying language.

Your sons and daughters live in a different world where few universally common experiences remain. They program their lives. While my generation (end of the boomers) remember watching the same shows at the same time it is doubtful the next generation will have such a common bond created by content.

These days the smart move is to ask your customers from Hawaii (or anywhere) to SHARE their perspectives, images and nostalgia. What does Christmas look like in Hawaii? Pictures and User Generated Content are GOLD on several levels including:

* UGC Costs less.
* UGC Comes with built in social support (from those who shared).
* UGC Creates trust that you are listening and care.
* UGC Creates a sense of community and shared experience where none may exist otherwise.
Websites need to think simultaneously in seemingly contradictory ideas. One important #marketing guide is to form content for Super Archetypes (those defining characteristics of large groups of a site’s members) or "personnas". Another somewhat contrasting need is to promote individual relevance.

Traditional marketing is great at one, Super Archetype and persona marketing, and lousy at the other – speaking relevance to individuals.

This failure to embrace individuals may explain why Big Brands are have trouble with #socialmediamarketing . The web makes it possible to create great #marketing for personas (Super Archetypes) and individuals via #smm .  The trick is WANTING to do both :).

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I added a few tips for #startups to avoid the talking to self about self blackhole on +Scoop.it : http://sco.lt/8CV0XB
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