Marty's Startup Journal: 9 Days To Launch
My #startupjournal chronicles the last hectic ten days before we launch the two biggest projects of my life (and I wish that was an exaggeration LOL): and

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9 Days From 10.7 Launch
It's 6:30 and a soft dawn light is coming into my loft in Downtown Durham. I sold my house to help finance the projects we will be launching in nine days and still haven't  gotten used to living in the loft. My bedroom is a small drywall cave at the far end of what I guess would be called a "shotgun loft".

The window is at the other end. A HUGE industrial window. I thought it would be appropriately ironic for a cancer survivor to live and start a cancer foundation in a building once owned by Liggett and Meyers (Big Tobacco).

My cat Lucian is quiet for the moment. That won't last long. In my house the sun came beaming in my bedroom window so I never needed an alarm. Here in the loft my cat Lucian is the alarm.

Lucian has lungs like an opera singer. Since there are no complete walls my bedroom drywall only goes up about 8 feet of the 20 feet between the revised wood floors and the ceiling, Lucian is my alarm in the loft.

Saw the videos +Nathan Clendenin is creating for +UNC Lineberger yesterday and they reminded me why we are doing this, creating these websites. #cancerresearch currently lives in a world far, far away. A world controlled by big government and granting agencies. Cancer patients like me don't really have a view in and no way to join and help.

Lack of direct access creates event driven marketing. I think walks and parties are great, but they cost a lot of money and time. Not unusual for a charity to start planning for their big event the day after that big event happened (for the year).

There are a couple of problems with event marketing and trying to cure cancer. Money spent on creating the event could go into the lab where we can cure cancer and so make the event moot. Parties are great and we can continue to have one every year even after we cure cancer to remember those who did, but putting money into the LAB is what our new cancer research revolution is about.

One of the UNC videos is me interviewing my oncologist Dr. Hank Van Deventer about his fibrocyte research. Dr. V discovered some amazing cells, cells that are less than 2% of all the cells in our body. These fibrocytes are found in wounds. What is cancer but a wound that won't heal is how he explained it to me in our talk.

I have to admit that much of the science is over my head, but what you see is Dr. V's passion, intense concentration and joy. We shot Hank in his small lab at UNC and that is worth seeing too. When we SEE these amazing special people, people dedicating their lives to saving ours, and hear their story we feel involved and want to help.

I'm working with Nathan Clendenin ( on the videos. We met yesterday afternoon and we knew we had a problem. One of the videos is about UNC's Malawi clinic and the video just wasn't telling a story. It was just a series of scenes.

We remembered the way Eli Jordfald told us the story. "Imagine you live in a place where there is almost more cancer than anywhere on earth," Eli started. "Now imagine there is a single cancer clinic for almost 16M people..." BANG we got it, so we went back to Eli's story and put those ideas in as visuals and suddenly a series of seemingly unrelated scenes told a story. Magical.

I also owe our great programmer Doug ( a shout out. Doug is working on the car ( even as we begin to drive it. I owe him KUDOS for untying the Gordian knot I tied the backend into as I attempted to admin. Admin is NOT something I'm good at (at all, ever).

Its strange because I used to be such a DETAILED perfectionist. A lot changes when you get older and the Big C is like a turbo charger on some of those changes. I realized a few things not long after diagnosis including:

* Life is short, do what you love.
* Surround yourself with people you love.
* Eliminate the negative (curate your head carefully).
* Don't judge or take for granted (which is a form of judging).

Now it is hard to get me to do things I don't like. I'm a pretty good analyst, but each time I spend a day inside a spreadsheet feels like opportunity lost (lol). Social media is accelerating some of these changes too. I wasn't nearly so gregarious in my past life living mostly in my head (lol).

Today I will probably speak with people from many places around the world thanks to this magical engine we all ride, our new TRAIN (LOL). It's 7:30 now and Lucian is up and singing. Big day today. We take the Story of Cancer ( picture with the +Atlantic BT team and my brother Drew (who is building the Cure Cancer Store with my friend +Eric Garrison's company +WTE Solutions ).

Hope you will connect, follow Marty's journal and join our Buzz Team. Here is the quick link to the Cure Cancer Buzz Team Form: and you can learn more about the team on

We need LOTS of people to know about both these sites after 10.7 and our "advertising" is friends and friends of friends so hope you can help.
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